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Your guide to buying carpets online

carpet buying guide 

When deciding on a carpet consider the colour, style and texture. Each carpet has features that make it suitable for particular location and use. The key is to find the carpet that best suits your individual needs, requirements and lifestyle. Flooring Direct have been selling carpets both online and throughout retail for many years therefore it is safe to say, we know a thing or two about carpet. We are one of the fastest growing online UK suppliers of home flooring. We offer a large selection of carpets to suit every lifestyle and budget. Our friendly expert staff are on hand to assist you and take the stress out of buying your new carpet. Not sure on the quality? No problem, you can order up to six free samples to make your selection in the comfort of your own home. 


We’ve created this simple to follow guide to make it easier for you to find your ideal carpet.

how to choose a carpet by room 

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Bedroom carpet

With most of our time being spent barefoot in the bedroom you can afford for your carpet to be more sumptuously soft than practical. Why not go for a super soft Saxony carpet? They offer unbeatable comfort and have a deep pile to really sink your toes into.

Carpets online can be found at Flooring Direct

Living room carpet

Carpets are ideal for a living room because they offer warmth and they're soft underfoot. They offer an affordable and practical solution. Choose from a durable twist, a scrumptious deep pile Saxony or a budget loop pile.

Hall, stairs & landing carpet

A plain twist or textured Berber carpets are perfect for use in these types of areas because they offer an array of choice and practicality. If you would like to make an impact on your staircase then consider the using a striped carpet.

Buy carpet to suit your dining room

Dining room carpet

A stain resistant carpet would be ideal in this area so as to illuminate the concern for accidental spills. A polypropylene would be a great solution as it is naturally stain free and bleach cleanable. 

Find the right carpet to match the chairs

Bathroom carpet

Although not as popular as it once was carpet is still a preferred choice for some people in the bathroom. The obvious thing to be sure of is to choose a carpet suitable to deal with the possibility of wet conditions, specialist impervious backed carpets are a good choice.

Kitchen carpet

Similar to the bathroom, the kitchen is an area prone to spills and staining. Choose one of our polypropylene stain resistant carpets that can handle the high traffic and demands of an everyday family life.

choose your carpet texture by pile type 

Carpets are sometimes manufactured using man-made fibre

Man-made carpet



Polypropylene carpet


Soft to the touch but stain-resistant and incredibly hard wearing, polypropylene carpets offer excellent value for money and are ideal for pretty much anywhere in the home. Easy to clean, a bleach mix can be used on particularly tough stains.

Read more about Polypropylene carpets


Polyamide (Nylon) carpet


Tough and durable, polyamide carpets are easy to clean. An ideal choice for a family home, polyamide doesn’t flatten easily and springs back into shape, keeping the carpet looking sumptuous and beautiful. The new generation of Nylon carpets are super soft.

Read more about Polyamide (nylon) carpets 

Natural carpet



Wool carpet


Natural, sustainable and gorgeous to look at, wool is the most resilient fibre enabling it to recover quickly from footfall and retain its appearance. Wool carpets are soft, durable, easy to clean and are available in a 100% pure form or in a blend with at least 50%. Colour looks richer on wool and it provides natural heat and sound insulation and is flame retardant. Although it can be more expensive than man-made fibres, wool carpet is so long-lasting it’s seen as an investment by many.

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Sisal carpet 


Tough, natural and soft, Sisal carpets are hard-wearing, comfortable underfoot and have a contemporary, almost organic appearance. A traditional weave gives Sisal carpets their distinctive texture. 

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Natural Carpets are popular at Flooring Direct.

choose your carpet by design

Plain Carpet available here.

Plain carpet

Plain Carpets are anything but boring, and provide a versatile range in varying colours and styles.  Choose anything from neutral shades to deep impacting bold colours or anything in between, we have a colour for everyone.

Striped carpet can be purchased here and could be a great addition to your home.

Stripe carpet

Striped carpets are unapologetically bold and vibrant. They are certain to make a positive statement in any room. Add energy and personality to a living room or celebrate your staircase with a striped carpet. Vertical stripes can create the illusion of space and are available in a range of contrasting colours which ooze personality.

Outdoor Carpets - Find out more about them here.

Outdoor carpet

Outdoor carpet has to be the latest evolution of carpet technology. It's weather resistant, mildew, mold resistant as well as water resistant. So come with me, into the garden, with the soft carpet underfoot and a glass of lemonade in your hand.

A patterned carpet with a staircase.

Patterned carpet

A patterned carpet can make an intense expression or add a classic feeling to your home. From traditional themes with elaborate detailing, to on-trend contemporary styles, there is a patterned carpet to suit every budget and any area of the home

choose your carpet by pile type

Brighten up your home with Berber Carpet.

Berber carpets

Berber carpets come in different textures and offer a great blend of style, sturdiness, value and flexibility which makes them a well known choice for any rooms in the home. Affordable, stain-resistant and hard wearing.

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Cut & Loop carpets are available here.

Cut & loop carpets

A cut and loop is a style of carpet that is made by combining looped fibres with cut (straight) ones. This enables the manufacturer to create a pattern in the carpet, which can be geometric or abstract.

Read more about Cut & Loop carpets

Are frieze carpets your choice for your new home? Order them by following this link.

Frieze carpets

Frieze Carpet by definition is a firmly twisted carpet. The high twist level gives it a "bumpy" appearance yet in addition makes it durable. Some people allude to it as the new 'shag pile' carpet but it but without the messy appearance.

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A picture of Loop Pile carpet

Loop pile carpets

Loop carpet is produced using whole loops of yarn which are available both textured and flat. By and large these loops have an increasingly rough appearance and are often favoured for use on the stairs, in hallways or other high traffic areas.

Read more about Loop pile carpets

Multi-Level Loop Carpet - Follow the link to purchase.

Multi-level loop carpets

Multi level loop is also known as high-low loop pile. High and low loops are used in random or sequence to create textured patterns. The loops in the carpet make it extremely durable for medium to high-traffic areas. The combination of the looped yarn creates a sculptured effect.

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Buy Saxony Carpet here.

Saxony carpets

Saxony is a kind of carpet that is a soft cut pile with an even surface. Saxony carpet is regularly woven very densely, and it has an extremely soft, extravagant feel. The primary hindrance of a saxony carpet is that it will in general show marks, for example, footprints and vacuum marks

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A picture of Twist Carpet

Twist carpets

Twist carpets are a standout amongst the most popular carpets found in UK homes. They are made from yarn, which has been firmly twisted together. The fibres regularly have a coarse finish, giving the carpet a rustic, textured appearance. Available in plain colours, heather's, stripes and patterns

Read more about twist carpets

A picture of Velvet Carpet

Velvet carpets

Despite the great swing towards twist pile carpets, velvet pile carpets are still the choice of a reduced, but devoted clientele, who believe that no carpet, other than a fine velvet Wilton, is truly carpet. Not only do they offer ultimate durability and comfort they are also very easy to maintain

Read more about Velvet carpets

choose carpet by style

Living Room Grey Carpet

Soft feel carpets

Our Soft Carpet ranges are extremely soft to the touch and feel ultra comfortable under foot. The perfect choice for any home requiring luxury and durability.


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Pet-friendly carpet with a stool

Carpet runners

We stock a selection of top quality, durable carpet runners in a variety of colours and sizes. A hall runner is also a great way to increase comfort in high-traffic areas of the home, and will add a pop of colour to bare hallways and staircases.

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Carpet with red-wine spillages

Stain resistant carpet

When shopping for a stain resistant carpet it is important to remember that whilst some carpets are naturally stain-free due to the fibres of which they are constructed from,other carpets can be coated with a special finish which prevents stains and spillages from settling into the fabric's fibres.

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Children running on carpet

Entrance carpet

Across the range we have a comprehensive selection of entrance carpet colours and sizes, which can also be cut to shape and size. Entrance carpets are essential for preventing slip hazards by scraping dirt and absorbing moisture from footwear.

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Commercial carpet

Our extensive range of hard wearing carpets and heavy duty carpet tiles are perfect for all types of high traffic environments including offices, student accommodation, schools, hotels, pubs, clubs and our impervious backed carpet is ideal for nursing homes.

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carpet collections

Budget Carpets available here

If you are shopping to a budget then these carpets are ideal for you. We can offer a solution for everyone, from exhibition cord carpet to a full range of luxurious and contemporary carpets. All our carpets are heavily discounted so you always get more for your money at Flooring Direct

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Essential carpets available here

We offer a wide range of quality carpets in this price category. We find this price level to be very popular amongst a lot of our customers. Whilst we offer top branded luxury carpets and cheap budget carpets, all of our flooring and carpet rolls are heavily discounted. Don't miss out, order a sample today.

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Premium Carpets available here

Infuse your home with luxury and comfort. Make a statement, sink your toes into a sumptuous soft pile or create a cosy ambience in your living room, premium carpets are practical, versatile and luxurious. We offer huge choice. You can expect outstanding quality at an unbeatable price!

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Branded Carpets available here

Our Premium Brand Carpet Range is a choice of some of the best carpets from the worlds leading manufacturers including Ideal, Cormar and Kersaint Cobb


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underlay and flooring accessories

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Underlay Guide

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carpet care and fitting guides

Professional Fitting for carpet

Find a local fitter to you with the help of the NICF directory of quality professional carpet and floor fitters, a highly respected organisation within the industry and is active in promoting the skilled floorlayer.

Carpet maintenance guide

Carpets require maintenance to optimise wear life, performance and appearance retention. This guide explains the basic principles of carpet maintenance.

Carpet fitting guide

If you are a 'hands on' person and wish to fit your new carpet yourself then this guide will help you to understand the fitting procedures and advice to help you along the way.