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Our Carpet FAQ's

What can you expect to find on this page?

 At Flooring Direct, we have so many flooring options. Therefore, it is no wonder our customers are left with questions about us, our delivery and our incredible products!

So, if you are here because you too have some questions, chances are we have answered it below. 

*However, if we have not included your question, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team (via telephone 0333 1234 581 or e-mail info@flooringdirect.co.uk). Alternatively, you can send us a direct message on social media.*

  • Which carpet is best?
  • Carpet Ideas
  • What carpet suits?
  • Carpet for living room
  • Which carpet goes with grey walls?
  • What carpet is best for stairs?
  • Carpet grey
  • What carpet should I buy?
  • Carpet for sale
  • Where can I get carpet on sale?
  • Carpet online
  • Where can I get free carpet samples?
  • Carpet on sale
  • How is carpet area calculated?
  • Carpet and flooring near me
  • Carpet deals

Whatever carpet your heart desires, you can be sure to find it at Flooring Direct. From sumptuous grey carpet to hardwearing brown tuft; we have an abundance of styles available to suit everyone’s needs and tastes. However, with so much choice, we often leave our customers questioning how on earth they will pick just one. 

So where do I start?

At Flooring Direct, we believe the ideal starting point is identifying the practicalities your carpet needs. Having a stunning looking carpet is important, but a flooring must be suitable for your home so that it is able to retain beauty and quality overtime. For example, in busy rooms that experience high foot traffic, a dense fibre may be appropriate. Alternatively, for areas that need more grip such as the staircase, a looser pile may be safer and better suited. 

Once you have identified the practical part, you can begin to focus on the fun part- the look of your carpet. Of course, this will depend on the colour palette of the room and individual tastes. Neutral carpet compliments any interior décor and is always a safe bet if you are unsure. Having said that, our free visualiser tool is a fabulous way of trying before buying, so why not give it a go?

For more information regarding our range of carpet and what would be best for you and your home, check out our amazing guides listed below.

Carpet Buying Guide | Product Planning Guide | Flooring Planning Guide

If a quality carpet with an appealing price tag is what you are after, you have come to the right place. At Flooring Direct, we solely operate online meaning that we can keep our overheads low, and therefore ensure our products remain incredible value for money. 

Furthermore, when shopping with us there is no need to search the internet to find a local carpet store near you. We deliver all over the UK and offer shipping for FREE on accessories or orders over £100 (excluding laminate and hard wood).

Every now and then we also offer discount codes, meaning that our customers can save even more money. So, keep an eye out all year round to catch a code while you can. Remember, we also offer up to 4 FREE samples per customer, so you can make sure you are 100% on the flooring you are after. 

How do I calculate how much my carpet will cost?

  • Measuring the room in which your carpet will be laid down is of course essential so that you can ensure to order enough. The last thing you want is to roughly estimate and be left with an uncovered strip. So, simply grab a tape measure and begin to measure your room. At Flooring Direct we recommend jotting down measurements on a notepad for ease. 
  • We request that our customers select measurements meter by meter before purchasing; so that we can get the exact cut correct. For example, 4m² would not be specific enough for us and we would ask our customers to input either 2m by 2m, or 1m by 4m.
  • Please note, when ordering any flooring we ask our customers to order 10% over what is required to allow for trimming during the fitting process
  • Carpet cleaner/ Carpet shampoo
  • How to clean carpet
  • How does carpet cleaning work?
  • Which carpet cleaner is best to buy?
  • Why carpet cleaning is important?
  • Carpet freshener
  • Who cleans carpet?
  • Carpet hair remover/ carpet hoover/ lint roller
  • What carpet backing is best?
  • Do I need carpet underlay?
  • Carpet fitting accessories
  • Carpet adhesive
  • What carpet accessories do I need?
  • Carpet adhesive
  • How to fit carpet
  • What carpet underlay should I use?

From DIY carpet cleaning hacks to modern machinery that can do the work for you, carpet cleaning is something most of us must tackle often. Luckily, at Flooring Direct we make things a little easier. All of our polypropylene carpet is stain and dust repellent meaning cleaning will be required on a less frequent basis than usual.

So, how does carpet cleaning work? There are so many carpet cleaners available on the market. From spray carpet cleaner to dry carpet cleansing powder that can be vacuumed off, to carpet cleaning machinery that can be bought or rented.

Though vacuuming is great for getting the majority of dirt, dust and debris from within the carpet, we do recommend our customers clean their carpet at least once a year, ideally once every 3-6 months. Therefore, any hidden dirt or dust that hasn’t been reached by a vacuum will be eliminated.

See our Carpet Care Guide for our top cleaning advice!


Why is carpet cleaning important?

  • To retain a fresh smelling home
  • It helps keep your carpet looking perfect all year round
  • So that you can be sure the air in your home is clean and free from dust/pollen
  • To remove hair shed. This one is especially relevant if you have pets running around. 

When buying carpet, many people are so focussed on the carpet itself that they completely forget about the accessories that may need to be purchased alongside the carpet. The number of accessories needed and what these accessories are does depend upon many factors, such as the type of sub-flooring and how the carpet is being fitted (i.e. is it being fitted by a professional with their own tools and equipment?)

 If you are fitting carpet yourself then the list of accessories you will require will be much longer, as most accessories listed above are to aid the fitting of carpet. If you are not fitting your own carpet, we recommend contacting your professional fitter and asking what accessories you need to provide. Alternatively, if you are fitting your own carpet, check out our Carpet Fitting Guide for more detailed information.


Accessories you might need to purchase alongside your carpet:

  • How is carpet made?
  • Carpet for living room
  • Is carpet bad for health?
  • Why is carpet bad for you?
  • Should I go for regular carpet or carpet tiles?
  • Can carpet be recycled?
  • Carpet for bedroom
  • Carpet for stairs
  • How do I install my own carpet?
  • Do I need a carpet fitter?
  • Who installs carpet?
  • Carpet fitters near me


  • Carpet fitting
  • How Carpet installation cost
  • Carpet installers near me 
  • How to fit own carpet


There will always be reasons for and against opting for any flooring choice. This will be the case no matter whether you are interested in vinyl, laminate, hard wood or carpet. The option suitable for your home will simply depend on where your priorities lie. 


Is carpet bad for you?

  • Carpet is such a popular choice of flooring as it is warming, cosy and beautiful. However, many of our customers worry about the potential health impacts carpet may have if fitted in the home. 
  • It is no secret that due to the way carpet is constructed, dust mites and pollutants can enter the pile, causing mild health issues such as itchy skin or sore throat. However, it is so important to stress that this can be avoided very easily, by the correct care, adequate ventilation, frequent vacuuming and regular carpet cleaning


For further information regarding how carpet is made, the process to fit carpet, the different carpet options we have available at Flooring Direct and how you can care for your carpet in the best possible way, check out the guides we have created especially for you listed below.


Carpet Care Guide | Carpet Buying Guide | Carpet Fitting Guide

Once you have decided which Flooring Direct carpet you would like, it is time to order. However, once ordered the process is not yet complete. Your brand-new carpet still needs to be fitted into your home. As you may already be aware, at Flooring Direct we do not fit our own products.

The fitting process is slightly tricky and can be time consuming, however if using the correct instructions, it can be done with no prior expertise. If you would like to fit your own flooring, check out our Carpet Fitting Guide to aid this process. Many of our customers have successfully fitted their own carpet with very little difficulty while using our fabulous fitting guide.


Why fit your own Carpet?

  • It saves money. A professional can cost around £300, money that could be spent on more Flooring Direct carpet,
  • You can take as much time as you want. Professionals often have many clients a day, so may not take as much time on the job as you would yourself,
  • It may be enjoyable to learn a new skill/ have fun working on a home project,
  • You will feel a sense of accomplishment when it is complete.


Alternatively, many of our customers do opt for hiring a professional for ease or if they feel they would struggle to undertake the challenge themselves. It is so easy to find an appropriate fitter. A simple google search should do the trick. At Flooring Direct, we leave the fitting decision to our customers, allowing them to decide who enters their home, or whether they would like to save money and have a go at fitting themselves.