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Engineered Wood Buying Guide

The Flooring Direct engineered wood range is the closest thing to solid wooden flooring you can possibly get but obviously it comes without many of the connected downsides to solid wooden flooring. Its looks and feels luxurious and is an amazing statement piece for every home.

As a material it is suitable for the wear and tear needed underfoot in a family home and it comes available in a massive range of wood types and styles. This range will breathe a touch of class into your home that will stand up to your busy life for many years to come.

Here’s a quick buying guide, take a look through these tips.

Room by Room

The Lounge

Transform your entire living space with a new engineered wooden flooring product from Flooring Direct.  Remember we have a huge range for you to consider so ask questions through our Chatbot messenger or give us a call and we will happily help you make the right choice first time.

The Dining Room

Remember as a flooring option engineered wood is super low maintenance and ideal for busy families. Spills, stains and grubby paws are a thing of the past because when it comes to cleaning this flooring type it’s a dream. Engineered wood will transform your dining room into a space like no other. Take a look at the range here.


Wake up to a bedroom fit for royalty with our decadent range of engineered wood for the bedroom. There are many variations and wood styles, the perfect flooring for you is in our range so come and take a look.  

The Hallway and Landing

Whatever flooring you have in this part of your home it needs to be both inviting but able to withstand the traffic in these high use areas. Engineered wood is super hard wearing and will stand up to the footfall with ease. Also we have a really distinct range so let us help you get your hallway and landing refreshed for the next chapter in your home.

The Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom the flooring needs to withstand huge levels of moisture. It needs to look and feel fresh and inviting but also needs to be easy to clean and incredibly durable. Thankfully our lacquered engineered wooden flooring is ideal for this part of your home. You can have a texture applied to certain ranges making it more comfortable underneath your bare feet and it looks breath-taking too which is always nice!

The Kitchen

Slightly different in this room because the flooring needs to be economical in other ways. Unlike a bathroom this room wont get as wet or humid as say the bathroom would but the flooring in this room needs to stand up to many other tests. Pets, scratches, muddy shoes and spills – all easily handled by the Flooring Direct engineered wood range for kitchens.

What is it made from?

Engineered wooden flooring has a complex manufacture process that uses state of the art techniques to create the finished product. It is usually constructed by layering timber finished with a hardwood final veneer. It is more sustainable than using full solid wooden flooring. The finishing is really where the technique becomes impressive. The finish can mirror like for like flooring types, it’s just a matter of how creative you want to get.

As mentioned already, all flooring needs to be manufactured with durability in mind. This flooring type is no different. The veneer finish can be anything from 1mm right the way up to 6mm and so can be used in varying parts of the home that experience differing levels of traffic and usage. The wood is manufactured not to stretch with humidity meaning reduced movement over time when compared solid board flooring. 

This range is made from sustainable sources, renewable and recyclable.

The materials

This range is created from different types of hardwood wood. We use oak and beech, walnut and maple and the finished product is out of this world. The range comes in a huge selection so be sure to ask questions and use our planning guides to help you in your quest for the perfect flooring. 

Oak wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring allows you to enjoy all the benefits of solid oak flooring but without the considerable price tag connected. The finish of our engineered wood allows you to have oak style flooring and its available in a massive range, we have the right flooring for you.

Take a look through our range here.

The Walnut range.

Walnut engineered wooden flooring has the most stunning finish. A beautifully dark toned wood it delivers real character and warm homely tones. Natural walnut wood requires upkeep and maintenance so our engineered range comes free from that burden or upkeep.

Take a look through our Walnut range here.

Engineered Beech

The normal finish of this type of wood is pale in colour, our engineered range has a like for like finish and feel. Due to its lighter tone this range is neutral and can complement most décor types and colours.

Take a look through our range here.

Engineered Maple

Another lighter toned wood, naturally maple wood feels a few shades lighter than its Oak and Walnut cousins. Another great option if you want to go neutral in your home from the ground up. This engineered range has an incredibly natural feeling of light and space. A great start to any room renovation.

Take a look through our range here.

Wood finishes

Here’s a breakdown of how to choose the right finish for your flooring. They come in 2 main groups and we’ll talk a little bit about each one and what you need to be aware of.

The satin lacquer 

This finish gives the engineered wood that shiny and glossy feel like you see on polished wooden floors. The lacquer also gives you a lovely layer of final protection like a wrap almost providing protection from UV, Spills and scratches.

Take a look at some of our lacquered engineered wood range here.

The Matt lacquer

Like its counterpart this finish provides the same level of protection from UV, scratches and stains but the matt finish creates a feeling like that of a waxed wooden flooring finish. It has such a beautiful finish.

Take a look through our Matt lacquered engineered wood here.