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Room Planning & Preparation

When deciding to buy new flooring and having it installed it is essential to plan and prepare the space in question where you are planning on laying new flooring. One main thing to consider is which is the most practical and which flooring is most suitable durability wise. Underfloor is a new trend and if you are lucky enough to have the budget to put towards this also you will need to consider a suitable underlay to go along with the new flooring. If you are not confident in doing this yourself, please feel free to seek Flooring Directs advice.


If the room in the question is on the small size the likely thing you will want is to largen the appearance of that room, however if the room is on the large side, the finished article will no doubt want to be homely and cosy at the same time. Take time and look at all options that Flooring Direct has to offer before making the purchase!

Suitable Lifestyle and Flooring options

Whatever your living circumstances the wear and tear and the potential of pets and children running wild, or a home that sees a lot of visitors needs to be a consideration. Whether is be durable or hardwearing flooring you require one thing you won’t have to compromise on that is style and luxury.

Flooring Directs wide range of flooring including all types of styles are a perfect for all lifestyles. It is an added importance to consider the practicality of the new flooring you are purchasing. If you need assistance feel free to get in touch with us via phone, our Chatbot or through email or social media.

Is Underfloor Heating a Consideration?

If you’re choosing hard flooring there may be a consideration for underfloor heating? When opting for underfloor heating make sure to check the suitability of the desired product before purchasing. When considering and then buying underlay make sure the underlay is suitable if underfloor heating is installed.

Specialist underlay has a relatively low tog rating and is designed specifically to circulate air and letting heat through the flooring to give you that cosy effect. If you are unsure on what type underlay flooring you need, please feel free to get in touch

Measuring Up

Preparation for new flooring and the installing of that flooring is held in the highest importance here at Flooring Direct. The main duties and keys to success are measuring the room accurately, this will ensure you have the correct amount of new flooring to install, as advised be thorough and double check all measurements to make sure it is correct!

- Sketch out a simple but easy follow diagram of the room you are installing flooring for. As mentioned, they do not need to look perfect it is the measurements that are the key part to an effective installation.

- Simple rooms that are square with no obstacles simply multiply width by the length, a good example of a similar room would be 4m x 5m would require 20m² of flooring.

- Do not forget to add on an additional 50-100mm to each edge of the flooring as this will help with the finished look.

- If the room has obstacles like chimney breasts for instance, make sure you still measure the complete surface area because your new flooring will be cut around. If you don’t think this is easy to work out, you can always work out individuals areas and jot these down on the diagram you drew out at the beginning, you can work out the total area by adding these measurements all together.

- Also note to measure back of any doorframes and trims.

Sub Flooring, considerations and preparations before laying new flooring

You’ll need to clear your room of all furniture, however, if you opt for the fitting service your fitter will move up to five items of furniture for you (ensure your furniture is empty).

When preparing to lay the new flooring remove of course all furniture, however if you are using a professional installation team which Flooring Direct would recommend, they may indeed move all this for you, but it is worth checking.

Before getting to the nitty gritty of installing the new flooring you must make sure that you have prepared the sub flooring! The main things to consider and make sure of is ensuring your sub flooring is even, smooth and dry. 

If you are unsure whether this is required, please ask the installation team or seek advice from a professional installer.

Another consideration before installation is if the sub flooring or indeed the flooring has acquired any damp, make sure you have this treated before installation.