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Finalising a Budget and Planning

Helping you to plan your budget wisely, we’ve pulled together some great hints and tips. Have you considered how much your new flooring should cost? How much the fitting should cost in total and not forgetting those added extras like underlay, runners and accessories? Here at Flooring Direct we’ll make sure you’re fully prepared for the outlay ahead!

Welcome to Flooring Directs budget guide to help you make the most of your budget effectively. Our team have extensive experience and have the advice for every range of budget you could be working with. We have put together several tips to help stretch your budget in order for you to gain the best purchase possible and get the highest quality flooring for the price. Things for consideration will be probably cost for purchase and installation plus underlay and any extras. 


What is the cost going to be for new flooring?

The first question that someone thinks of when buying flooring most certainly is – how much will it cost? One main thing to consider when making a purchase is the cost of added extras which are very important to the finished article in terms of aesthetics. In addition to the cost of the flooring you will need to consider:

- Underlay

- Added Accessories

- Door bars

- Adhesive

- Beading

- Installation

Flooring Direct offer a wide range of flooring varieties to suit all tastes and budgets, from our vinyl ranges to our premium ranges. You can rest assured this is the place to cater for all tastes and budgets with peace of mind that you never sacrifice quality for cost. 

What is the cost of Installation?

Professional installers should be very used to a quality finish, but we are more than happy to recommend installers that Flooring Direct have used before. The installers you should use should be ideally Which? Approved so make sure you’re cost of installation reflects the quality of the finished job. Normally fitting fees will include fitting underlay and most accessories too!

Normally in our experience and through the relationships with customers, the fitting fee will be dependent on the area the purchased flooring is required to cover. Please note flat areas for flooring normally cost less than hallways and stairs where it tends to be a lot trickier which will reflect in the cost.

Underlay is a very important piece to the puzzle when purchasing/buying new flooring! There are many different types of underlay for different flooring styles and is integral to the finish and feel of the product. The benefits are a plenty, you have the aesthetic element of the finished flooring, the feel underfoot but as we are talking about budgets the fact underlay provides extra insulation and can help reduce both the noise and energy bills; you can be sure to enjoy your new flooring to its maximum.

Accessories for Flooring are integral to give you that crisp, clean quality finishing touch for your new flooring to look like a million dollars! You should consider adding beading and door bars but even in some cases dependant on the property stair rods to fit in with the feel of your home if its more contemporary! Most people want to achieve that seamless look and accessories are a must have in order to achieve the best look possible for your new flooring!

What will the cost be per Room?

Of course, dependant on room size, whether there are certain factors that can affect the price for a new purchase. Be thorough in your measurements and investigate adjusting your budget as best you can to make sure you can have beautiful flooring in every room.