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 Something to inspire you...

At Flooring Direct, we understand the importance of seeing and experiencing your new flooring in action before committing to your purchase. Aside from the room shots and product close ups, as well as ordering up to six free samples and utilising our flooring visualiser tool, what more could you need?

Well, with a trusty community of customers who are reliable, genuine and honest, we thought we would ask them… Our customers have shared their Flooring Direct Fit’s with us to showcase how they styled it and what they think of it! Below, you can find a variety of personally styled interiors that feature our flooring, so now you can see what our flooring looks like in real homes, styled by real homeowners.

If you have our flooring and would like to be featured on our website or social media pages, then take some #FlooringDirectFit photos and tag us! Our direct messages are always open if you don’t want to post the images yourself, or you can send them via email.

*We do not own the rights to these images. All images have been acquired and published with the owner’s permission*


Most of our customer images have been acquired via social media sites, Instagram and Facebook. These visual platforms are constantly growing with the trends allowing interior design to flourish online. With users creating accounts for their home style and interior inspiration, Instagram has become a platform to publish fresh flooring looks while saving your favourites. We love seeing our customer images and experiencing the beauty of their homes via Instagram snippets.

Hearing our customer reviews is so important to us. They help us to improve our products and services while allowing us to understand Flooring Direct from a customer’s perspective and the changes we need to make to better ourselves as a business. We encourage our customers to write an honest review on Google or Feefo to broaden our level of customer feedback engagement. All products featured are tagged, so click through and explore our floors!

For the purpose of giving advice and inspiring potential customers, we have created a trends and tastes breakdown of the different interior styles featured in our existing customers homes. Discovering new looks and recognising familiar trends is what this page is for, so feel inspired and take another step closer towards your new floor. We want to thank our wonderful customers again for sharing your Flooring Direct Fit with us. Don't forget to tag us


A stunning grey themed interior with minimalist touches that accentuate the bold colour of the flooring, making a luxurious statement. The elegance that dark flooring exudes is undeniable and complements each pop of colour that features. The red flowers and adorable pet fit in perfectly with this dark grey laminate flooring.

Our laminate flooring is perfect for living rooms and dining areas as it features an easy clean surface as well as water resistant properties. Paired with our laminate profiles, you can line the edges of the room yourself using our Accessories Fitting Guide.

Top Tip

There is no need to shy away from dark interiors – you could end up with something like this!

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Bedrock Oak Laminate


A bright and fresh interior with a sense of personality and character shining through the flooring. Laying patterned vinyl in the smaller areas of your home can completely lift and transform the room that could otherwise be overlooked. A hint of green in a monochrome room can prevent the interior from looking plain.

Vinyl flooring is an affordable flooring option that is popular for bathrooms and kitchens. Our range of vinyl is incredibly easy to install, with some vinyl adhesive and our Vinyl Fitting Guide, you’ll have no issues with your new floor!

"Whilst renovating our family room, we chose flooring from flooring direct as they stocked the quality products that we wanted at a fantastic price, coupled with fab service and quick delivery I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!"

Top Tip

Potted plants or flowers can bring life to a room that you didn’t even know needed it.

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Floortex Evora 592 Vinyl


An elegant interior built off royal blue tones, demonstrating how colour is used to tie together all elements of the room. Running our patterned vinyl through from the entrance way to the kitchen allows for continuity and shows how the flooring can dominate the interior perfectly.

Choose vinyl flooring if you are looking for a stylish yet affordable alternative to authentic, wooden or tiled flooring. Head to our accessories page and pair your order with some vinyl adhesive.

"The flooring is the best bit!"

Top Tip

Choosing a predominant colour for your interior can help a room come together and feel complete.

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Colours Estrella T76 Vinyl


A classic grey interior with seamless sophistication integrated through the furnishings and details that add a personal flair to the room. Grey and white complement one another gracefully in this home. This panelled style vinyl gives an authentic touch to the area.

Our vinyl is comfortable and quiet underfoot, even without the option to install underlay we guarantee the noise re-duction properties. A durable and low-maintenance flooring option.

"Great value lino, went down a dream and it’s the perfect grey."

Top Tip

Don’t underestimate the power of personalised furnishings when it comes to the smaller details.

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Trendline Cherbourg Oak T95 Vinyl


A home with an unmatched sense of character using patterned vinyl flooring to restore the original Victorian features and elements within this room. This classic vinyl flooring is a popular choice among Flooring Direct customers due to the monochrome colour palette and intricate design. 
Our selection of vinyl flooring is 100% water resistant which makes it perfect for laying in all areas of the home including bathrooms and kitchens. To ensure the longevity of vinyl flooring, carrying out the installation correctly is key.
Top Tip
Tiled walls are the latest trend and complement a tile-effect flooring massively.
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A traditional wooden flooring that adds authenticity and personal character to an interior inspired by modern design trends. The panelled wardrobes and gold detailing in the furnishings incorporate both the new and the old into this perfectly pristine home.

We stock real hard wood flooring as well as engineered wood flooring which are popular among those who want to restore the natural features in their home. Follow our Wooden Flooring Care Guide for advice on how to manage the upkeep and maintain your new floor.

Top Tip

Using a little extra of your budget for wooden flooring will always be worth it.. 

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Allona Golden Oak Wood Flooring


A home full of personal flair and style that has been designed to incorporate naturistic qualities and bring a light and airy atmosphere to the interior. Opting for sustainable furnishings and utilising DIY skills can be just the touch you need to complete your home.

Roll vinyl is a hardwearing and durable flooring option that can be used in all areas of the home. Follow our Vinyl Fitting Guide to learn how to install vinyl without having to spend your budget on a fitter!

Top Tip

Choosing tile-effect vinyl over real tile flooring can save your budget massively!

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Coventry Vinyl

 Transform your home

Having the ability to visualise how you want a room to look before you have begun the refurbishment is an incredibly inspiring challenge. This is why we can appreciate even the slightest transformation that occurs when homes are being renovated. Even something small like changing the flooring in your bathroom can completely alter the overall appearance of the room.

Sometimes, the transformation is in the details, adding a couple of ornaments or a pop of colour within the furnishings can leave you feeling like you have explored a brand-new area within your home.

Whether you usually opt for a DIY job when it comes to home renovations, or whether you want to hire a floor fitter to get your floor laid with minimal effort, Flooring Direct guarantees professional results when purchasing our flooring. Check out our Fitting Guides for step-by-step instructions to help you along your floor fitting journey, our flooring experts have got you covered.

Enjoy this insight into our customers homes and experience the transformational shift in interior design. We love how not only is it satisfying to see the finished product, but how inspiring it is to see a completed DIY project and witness the transformation from start to finish. From rebuilding to extending or just touching up the foundations of your home, Flooring Direct can provide the perfect flooring for every room.


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Baroque Amadora Vinyl

Top Tip

Choosing statement flooring in your home offers a highly effective, stylish feature.


Top Tip

Chevron style flooring offers a real wood effect without the added cost.


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Colours Emelia 574 Vinyl

Top Tip

Calming colours like light blue are perfect for the areas of your home that are tailored to relaxation.


Top Tip

Bold interiors are beautiful! If you can't go all out in the comfort of your own home, where can you?



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Harbour Oak Grey Laminate


Top Tip

Laminate flooring can provide you with the perfect wood flooring alternative!



Top Tip

Matching your interior's by colour will allow for a seamlessly integrated finish. 



Top Tip

Mixing patterns and textures can leave you with a busy and exciting interior.

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Emelia Colours 595 Vinyl



Top Tip

Chevron style flooring offers an authentic and traditional appearance for your flooring.

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Exquisite Grey Chevron Vinyl



Top Tip

Don't be afraid to start fresh and remember - its always going to get worse before its going to get better!

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                          Pacific Bleached Grey Oak Vinyl                                                          Spirit Stock Oak Vinyl