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Christmas Carpet 01/12/2020

Keep your family warm this Christmas with our stunning carpet

After what may have been the strangest year in history, we all deserve an amazing Christmas. Luckily for us, it seems that restrictions may be lifting and we may get a normal-ish Christmas after all. So, why not make your Christmas even more normal with a Flooring Direct carpet. Why Flooring Direct carpets? So, with Christmas just around the corner and inevitably, more time spent inside our own homes this year, it becomes even more important to ensure that you have the perfect carpet to cuddle upon with the family.... Read More

Get vinyl flooring installed by Christmas 24/11/2020

Use vinyl flooring to renovate your home in time for Christmas

What a year 2020 has been. It’s time to settle down with your family and friends and realise your dream of renovating your home. Treat yourself this Christmas by sprucing up your living room and dining room with some vinyl flooring to add character to your home. At Christmas, you want to dress to impress. Your flooring and decorations should be no different! If your room is feeling a bit tired after a long year, check out the exquisite Beauflor vinyl flooring range on offer at Flooring Direct. Get vinyl... Read More

how to lay carpet explainer 17/11/2020
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Floor Installation: What You Need To Know

Welcome to our beginners guide for getting more out of your floor. This educational piece is written by experts in the flooring industry, so you’ll want to sit up and take note. You’re most likely reading this because you’re wondering how to lay carpet or looking into how to install laminate flooring, which both require underlay. Both types of flooring are extremely popular here at Flooring Direct so it is important you are aware of the mechanics of both, particularly as they are often bought together if you are doing... Read More

black friday flooring deals 12/11/2020
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Black Friday? Black November? Flooring Direct!

The leaves are falling, and so are the prices at Flooring Direct. Yes, that means affordable flooring everywhere! Whether you want cheap flooring, a stylish floor or new flooring accessories, our website is the place you want to be. Below, we let you know what to expect throughout the whole of November as we gear up for Black Friday! Yes, that’s right, you’ll find the best Black Friday Flooring deals right here. Affordable Flooring on Black Friday Recently, we’ve talked about how stylish and modern laminate flooring can make your... Read More

Is vinyl flooring hygienic? 29/10/2020

Hello, people of 2020, it’s time we went myth-busting when it comes to vinyl flooring

Let’s do some myth-busting when it comes to vinyl flooring. Compared to other flooring choices like carpet and laminate flooring, vinyl floors are actually relatively easy to clean. But are they dirty? Not if you clean them. Is vinyl flooring hygienic? Yes, it is. We need to answer this question because vinyl floors are actually now our most popular choice of floors. Everyone wants one in their home. Particularly a grey vinyl floor, and why wouldn’t you? Luxury vinyl flooring is now the go-to choice for so many customers when... Read More

Is it easy to install laminate flooring? 24/10/2020

Is it easy to lay laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring looks lovely, doesn’t it? Everyone in the offices at Flooring Direct loves the idea of having laminate flooring in their living room. But many also ask us the boss the same question: Is it easy to install laminate flooring? Well, we’ve decided to answer this question further afield. How to install laminate flooring? How to install laminate flooring? It’s sometimes known as click flooring because it clicks together. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Well, it can be! The hardest part about installing a laminate floor is ensuring you... Read More

Which flooring will keep you warmest throughout winter? 21/10/2020

Which flooring will keep you warmest throughout the winter?

The nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder. The clocks will be going backwards this weekend. But there are a few questions at the forefront of your mind. Which flooring will keep you warmest throughout the Winter? Whilst sat there in your living room, two questions will often pop up. “Can you turn the heating on?” And: “Which flooring will keep you warmest throughout the winter?” Below, Flooring Direct sets about answering certain questions and helping you to understand which flooring will keep you warm and cosy,... Read More

Find grey flooring ideas for your home 25/09/2020
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Looking for grey flooring ideas for your home?

If you are thinking about modernising your home then we have the perfect grey flooring ideas for you. Grey vinyl floors and grey laminate flooring are now the ‘in-thing’ for modern homes. Following the rise of Instagram influencers and celebs showing off their homes, (including Mrs Hinch), everybody wants a grey kitchen and hallway. Take a look at some of the influencers we have worked with at Flooring Direct and see what inspiration you can get from them! What grey flooring ideas would we suggest? It is a big discussion... Read More

Artificial grass is a new rival to traditional flooring like laminate flooring and vinyl floors. 09/09/2020
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Artificial Grass is the new rival to Laminate Flooring and Vinyl Floors

Artificial grass is now rivalling laminate flooring and vinyl floors as the go-to choice of flooring to have in your home. You are reading that correctly, people are now choosing artificial turf to have inside. Both commercially and for residential purposes, artificial grass is being used as a type of carpet. How is artificial grass rivalling laminate flooring and vinyl floors? You may be in disbelief but honestly, artificial grass is now a viable option to have in your home. Within the UK offices at Flooring Direct, office floors range... Read More

Find your cheap lino flooring at Flooring Direct 30/08/2020

Where can I find cheap lino flooring?

Across the UK Flooring Direct will deliver state-of-the-art, but cheap lino flooring. Affordable and durable, these types of vinyl floors listed below will be exactly what you need to make your home sparkle. With quick delivery across mainland UK, you’ll be thrilled to learn about what we can offer. Supplying vinyl rolls and lino flooring from expert manufacturers like Beauflor, we are here to help. Where can I find cheap lino flooring? Cheap lino flooring is easy to find, but it is not always the best quality. Flooring Direct make... Read More