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Flooring Direct detail the floors that are properly in style in 2022. 12/05/2022
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Flooring Trends that have really caught the eye in 2022

Recently, there have been quirky and stylistic ideas complimenting people’s houses. However, you don’t have to be outlandish to make your home stand out. Thanks to the innovation of companies like Flooring Direct and laminate flooring distributors, your home can now be one of envy to your neighbours whilst still maintaining a calm and semantic feeling. Over the past 50 years, whilst the technology involved in vinyl flooring has come on leaps and bounds, both laminated flooring and artificial grass have come on even further. Here’s what we think has... Read More

Measuring your room and floor accurately with Flooring Direct. 30/04/2022
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How to measure a room

So, you’ve decided you need new flooring. But before you get carried away with the wide range of Laminate and vinyl flooring available, the first thing you need to do is measure the size of your room. When you are measuring your floor, this can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together this guide which details a simple method you can use. To get started, you will simply need an essential tape measure, pencil, ruler, and some plain paper.   Assess room shape when measuring your floor The shape of your room will... Read More

Natural Lawn vs a Fake lawn - which one really wins? 22/04/2022

Why your perfect lawn might be bad for the environment

A lot of the population is of the opinion that a real lawn is better for the environment than artificial grass. But, how true is this? Well, Flooring Direct has been doing some digging into the ins and outs of artificial grass. Read this article and see if you have the same opinion you did before reading the piece. Do real lawns threaten the climate? Maintaining a luscious clean, green and beautiful lawn is a hobby for some, and an enjoyable job for others. But is it any better for... Read More

There are different types of vinyl flooring - read on to learn below. 14/04/2022

3 Different Types of Vinyl Flooring – Adding a Personal Touch

There’s just one type of vinyl flooring isn’t there? Wrong. There are so many varieties of vinyl flooring, and a multitude of ways that in which it can be used. For us at Flooring Direct, it’s not just flooring, it’s a statement. Because vinyl floors can be adapted to reflect your ethos, personality, or outlook on life, the adaptability and personalisation of this type of floor is what we love the most. Read on to find out about the different types of vinyl flooring that we love at Flooring Direct.... Read More

Flooring Direct help you choose the right carpet for your office. 30/03/2022

Choosing the right carpet for your new office

It’s time for a refresh. Your commercial office needs a new lease of life and/or your home office has some serious storage room vibes. Taking care of your workspace, whether it’s at home or at headquarters is vital to productivity and mental health. That drink you spilt during that Zoom call in lockdown has left a stain and the heavy footfall to and from the kitchen at headquarters is starting to look a bit worse for wear. Deciding to spring for a new carpet is an investment that shouldn’t be... Read More

Artificial grass can last a long time in your garden 29/03/2022

Making the most of the heatwave with realistic artificial grass

The first bank holiday weekend of the year is nearly upon us, a time for making the most of your well-deserved break. As the sun gives you a glimpse of long summer nights in the garden you start to wonder; what celebrations will you be hosting? Who will you invite to your gathering? How will you relax? Gazing out over your garden, the sun is shining, the air is fresh and spring is in full bloom. The best part? You’ve not even had to maintain your grass or garden for... Read More

Buy Pro Putt Artificial Grass 17/03/2022

How to make the most of your garden with artificial grass

Your garden can often be a haven to help unwind from the stresses of daily life. Whatever your stress-relieving activity may be, the option to buy artificial grass from Flooring Direct is very tempting for many. By eliminating the stresses of maintaining your lawn and garden you’ll have more time and energy to dedicate to your favourite hobbies. Artificial grass is so versatile! It has so many uses! Here, we’re highlighting how you can up your backyard game in more ways than one, and if you’re a keen golfer you’ll... Read More

Artificial grass can withhold a hot tub 09/03/2022

Why Hot Tubs and Artificial Grass are the perfect match…

Are you ready for summer? If not, don’t fret; we’ve got some great ideas to help you get ready! All you need is a garden and the ambition to create a backyard space your neighbours will crave. Here’s a little bit about why Flooring Direct think artificial grass and hot tubs will make the perfect match this summer. Artificial grass just works in summer… The reputation of Artificial grass has grown over the years, and the results have been exponentially positive. In the same way that vinyl flooring has progressed with... Read More

Artificial grass can last a long time in your garden 22/02/2022

Why artificial grass can go the distance in your garden

Flooring Direct and artificial grass so together like butter and toast. (If you don’t like butter on your toast, you still get the gist!). That’s why we sell and stock a wide range of synthetic grass to help you build the perfect garden. With our dedicated team of experienced buyers, distributors and customer service team, you’re in good hands. Flooring Direct will be able to provide your home with a beautiful residential artificial grass garden. We do also cater to commercial customers, but today we’re going to explain how artificial... Read More

Flooring Direct styling tips 18/01/2022

Making a statement in your office

The main question every person asks is ‘What type of office furniture will match the flooring?’ Or ‘what colour will look more modern?’ Flooring Direct can help you. No matter what business you own, or what industry you are in, having to redecorate and design a new office can be difficult. When it comes to making a decision on interior design for your office, when you are in fact, NOT an interior designer, can be a nuisance and be time-consuming. The typical work desk has been the standard feature of... Read More