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Installing artificial grass_ how to 21/07/2021

DIY – Installing Artificial Grass Ready for Summer!

Now that summer is in full swing, we can’t wait to spend all of our evenings and weekends in the garden with a beer and a BBQ. But first, we want to make sure that your garden is summer ready and kitted out with artificial grass. At Flooring Direct, we appreciate how much of a difference an artificial lawn can make to a garden. The fresh and full looking grass can transform your outdoor area into an aesthetic, appealing space for all the family to enjoy. Our grass is pet... Read More

engineered_wood_floor_flooring_direct 13/07/2021

Engineered Wood Floor – Your Questions Answered!

So, you do you want to know whether engineered wood floor is for you? We’re sure you are already halfway there to being convinced, but let us tell you the facts surrounding engineered floor. Investing in engineered wood has many benefits for the home in comparison to solid wood floor. At Flooring Direct, we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of engineered floor, featuring different hardwood final veneers. Engineered wood consists of layers of timber with the hardwood final veneer on the upper surface.  Let’s run through the questions... Read More

composite_decking_flooring_direct 09/07/2021

Composite Decking- Pair Your Purchase

We have some good news! To our composite decking collection, we have added accessories, ensuring you can perfectly pair your purchase. We now have edging boards, edging strips, fixings, end caps and joists available.To make things as easy as possible for our customers, we have matched all our edging strips and boards to our four-set shades: light grey, deep tea, brown and deep grey. Matching our products by shade ensures the process of identifying the correlating accessories is as simple as it can be. Plus, it avoids the wrong colour... Read More

Estilo_Laminate_Oak_Flooring_Banner 06/07/2021

New In: Estilo Laminate Oak Flooring

At Flooring Direct, we have just launched a *brand new* range of Laminate Oak Flooring. Our ‘Estilo’ laminate is available in four alternative shades which all feature a traditional and authentic oak finish. Shop our Walnut Oak for a dark oak flooring or choose our Vintage Oak laminate for a light and rustic look. Our Nectar Oak laminate features warm honey tones, providing a classic look for your floor. While our Sherwood Oak offers a lighter alternative to brighten any dim areas of your home. While our new laminate range... Read More

What are the benefits of artificial grass? 06/06/2021

Why Artificial Grass Is Worth Investing in for the Future?

At Flooring Direct we pride ourselves on being able to provide some of the most authentic-looking artificial grass UK property owners can purchase. Designed to appear and feel like the real thing, one can enjoy having an aesthetically pleasing lawn without having to participate in all the maintenance work to keep it that way. Well priced and suitable for just a wide array of spaces, ours is the greenery to choose for your garden. We’ve all been there when you have a size of garden that is a proper hassle... Read More

Premdeck Composite Decking New In At Flooring Direct 17/05/2021

Premdeck – Composite Decking

Here at Flooring Direct, we are happy to announce that from 14th May we will be offering our customers the chance to purchase our brand-new, range of Composite Decking. Say hello to our four Premier shades, ‘Deep Tea’, ‘Brown’, ‘Light Grey’ and ‘Deep Grey’ decking boards. Our Shades When deciding on our colour palette, we wanted to incorporate a classic and elegant touch into our range. This palette offers a fabulous range for all tastes and styles; offering decking in greys and browns. By offering the classic, wood-look colours, we... Read More

Warehouse Insurance Article 01/04/2021

3 Things to Make Sure Moving to A New Warehouse Is Seamless

No matter what business you own or what industry you are in, moving to a new warehouse can be a very daunting task. You want to ensure it all goes as smoothly as possible, but how do you do it? Ideally, you need to plan ahead and thoroughly organise the move. This article will discuss the three things to consider ensuring a seamless transition process when moving to a new warehouse. Invest in Warehouse Insurance Before anything, your new warehouse should be fully insured. The transition process when moving products... Read More

composite decking in the garden banner 19/03/2021

Are You Putting In A Deck This Spring? Here’s Why Composite Decking Is The Way To Go

When it comes to home improvement projects for the garden, there are very few more popular than a deck installation. Alongside artificial grass, composite decking is one of the products and ideas that has taken off in 2020 and is continuing to show major popularity amongst UK homeowners. This last year has shown us all just how valuable it is to have a green space where you can sit and unwind, and a deck offers the perfect flexible solution. For everything from barbeques and family gatherings to enjoying some quiet... Read More

laminate flooring - flooring drop 26/02/2021

Our Final Winter Season Flooring Drop – Laminate Flooring

At Flooring Direct, we love providing our customers with exactly what they are looking for. After all, the perfect flooring is the foundation of your home. Therefore, we have added even more shades and designs to our most sought-after Laminate range. Egger – Laminate Flooring Ladies and Gentlemen; say welcome to the six brand new designs to join our ‘Egger’ collection. The Shades: Avery Oak White Wilson Oak Natural Charlotte Oak Brown Charlotte Oak Achensee Oak Light Grey Charlotte Oak As you can see, all six new shades incorporated into... Read More

Design Ideas for your artificial grass garden 23/02/2021

3 Design Ideas for an Artificial Grass Garden

Artificial grass gardens provide a host of benefits for their fortunate owners, making them an attractive investment indeed. While it is true that they reduce the time and money spent on maintenance, synthetic lawns also provide a few perks in the way of design. They last for a long while, resisting wear and tear for years at a time, which means they can consistently contribute to the overall attractiveness of your lawn for the foreseeable. That’s certainly not to be scoffed at! Keep reading for 3 design ideas that will... Read More