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How To Install Your New Vinyl Flooring – Flooring Direct

How To Install Your New Vinyl Flooring. OK, we all know when it comes to flooring for your home, CHOICE, VERSATILITY and COST really are king. Flooring Direct have all 3 bases covered. We have one of the largest collections of home flooring options in the UK. All of our flooring ranges really are designed purposely for use in the home and offer great value, diverse range of styles and tones so all that’s left to talk is COST.. Firstly, over the last few decades in this Country vinyl flooring... Read More

Vinyl Flooring – How to Keep It Looking Brand New!

When it’s clean, fresh looking and still glossy – vinyl flooring makes the home feel attractive and beautiful! So, let’s talk tips on keeping it looking that way! Firstly, the shine! Keeping that shine is key to keeping that fresh feel in the home but there is an art to cleaning it in a way that keeps it feeling new. Following some of these easy cleaning techniques is the path to brightness and freshness with your new Vinyl Flooring. Dust particles do stick to vinyl flooring, so you need to... Read More

Irregular uses of artificial grass

We all love having a neat lawn in our gardens, but there are times when it becomes apparent that real greenery just doesn’t work with the setting. There are other possibilities out there fortunately, with the most suitable being synthetic in nature. As one of the finest suppliers of artificial grass online, ours is the company to call if you’re aiming to make the switch.

Artificial grass meets educational environments

Artificial grass is fast becoming the first choice for landscaping projects, especially in the education sector; this is mainly due to its combination of sustainability and function. No matter what the project involves, such as refurbishment or expansion, the material has been found to complement landscapes with ease. At Flooring Direct we offer a wide selection of artificial grass UK education providers can rely on.

Protecting your grass against pet odours

Maintaining a lawn can prove to be tiring, even for the biggest gardening enthusiasts. It doesn’t have to be this way however, as there are other, more suitable alternatives available for you to choose from. We are of course talking about buying artificial grass online, and there is no better company for this than our own.

Be thorough and check the drainage potential

Keeping up appearances on your property is crucial if you are aiming to impress. This includes looking after your greenery, a task that can sometimes prove challenging with a living lawn. There is a solution out there however, and it comes in the form of synthetic turf. Being one of the top establishments supplying artificial grass UK has available, we are the people you will want to get in touch with if you are thinking about purchasing such merchandise.

Installing artificial grass on hard surfaces

At Flooring Direct we are committed to promoting the benefits and flexibility of choosing high quality fake turf. We recommend that everybody seriously consider it for the aesthetics, low maintenance, and longevity. As a leading stockist that makes it easy to purchase artificial grass online, we understand the materials and why they are becoming so popular.

Are you making the most of your grass?

At Flooring Direct we pride ourselves on being able to provide some of the most authentic looking artificial grass UK property owners can purchase. Designed to appear and feel like the real thing, one can enjoy having an aesthetically pleasing lawn without having to participate in all the maintenance work to keep it that way. Well priced and suitable for just a wide array of spaces, ours is the greenery to choose.

What to consider prior to laying artificial grass

Real grass requires a lot of upkeep if you want it to look its best. You need to take account of the impact different types of weather will have and ensure you take suitable precautions to preserve the turf. If you don’t you could find brown patches and other issues. All of the work to retain the lawn can consume a huge amount of time. This reason is why many people are installing artificial materials instead.

Put on a real show with fake grass

Shopping around to find supreme deals can be a hassle even at the best of times. This is not the case with us however; as we have calibrated our website in a way that makes locating the most cost effective products a straightforward process. As one of the finest providers of artificial grass UK buyers have available to them, you can rely on us to supply you with quality merchandise for a reasonable rate.