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Artificial grass is a new rival to traditional flooring like laminate flooring and vinyl floors. 09/09/2020
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Artificial Grass is the new rival to Laminate Flooring and Vinyl Floors

Artificial grass is now rivalling laminate flooring and vinyl floors as the go-to choice of flooring to have in your home. You are reading that correctly, people are now choosing artificial turf to have inside. Both commercially and for residential purposes, artificial grass is being used as a type of carpet. How is artificial grass rivalling laminate flooring and vinyl floors? You may be in disbelief but honestly, artificial grass is now a viable option to have in your home. Within the UK offices at Flooring Direct, office floors range... Read More

Find your cheap lino flooring at Flooring Direct 30/08/2020

Where can I find cheap lino flooring?

Across the UK Flooring Direct will deliver state-of-the-art, but cheap lino flooring. Affordable and durable, these types of vinyl floors listed below will be exactly what you need to make your home sparkle. With quick delivery across mainland UK, you’ll be thrilled to learn about what we can offer. Supplying vinyl rolls and lino flooring from expert manufacturers like Beauflor, we are here to help. Where can I find cheap lino flooring? Cheap lino flooring is easy to find, but it is not always the best quality. Flooring Direct make... Read More

Pet-friendly artificial grass thumbnail 13/07/2020

Is artificial grass pet-friendly?

No doubt you will have heard about artificial grass. It’s incredibly popular and for good reason too! The benefits of artificial grass are extensive – it is low maintenance, durable, it always looks fantastic and it’s safe for children and pets too!  Is artificial grass pet-friendly? We often get a lot of questions about whether or not our artificial grass is safe for pets or not. We want you to shop around with ease knowing that all of our artificial grass is not only safe, but it may also actually... Read More

Laminate Flooring Article advice. 26/06/2020

Laminate Flooring Gives You A Wow Factor!

Explore our extensive range of laminate flooring at Flooring Direct to give your home a WOW factor. Make your home stylish with some of our superb laminate floors. Modernised and being adapted with an easy to lay click fitting system, laminate and vinyl floors can transform a room at home. Giving you a wooden effect laminate flooring With wooden flooring being the most desirable type of flooring, laminate and vinyl floors have begun to play an increasingly important part in styling family homes. This is because vinyl and laminate floors... Read More

Featured Image for your home Makeover can involve Laminate Flooring 17/05/2020

Here are some excellent makeover ideas which involve laminate flooring

Why should laminate flooring be involved in a home makeover? Are you tired of scrubbing and vacuuming all the corners of your house? It is probably time you got some new flooring! There are actually floors that you can install in your house which help you to minimise cleaning, and that includes laminate flooring. If you are in the process of remodelling your home then you will want to check these out: Replace your old flooring with laminate flooring Okay, we may have jumped the gun a little. If you... Read More

Textured vinyl floors are popular for home renovations. 25/04/2020

Our Top 3 Textured Vinyl Floors You Need To Try

Check out our top 3 textured vinyl floors in the article below, all available from Flooring Direct! With lots of people suffering from boredom and being instructed to stay inside, a lot of people are turning to home renovation to let them satisfy their needs. Textured vinyl floors are now the preferred choice because of their looks and being stress-free to clean. Vinyl flooring is also low maintenance and can be cleaned easily. But, how do you choose the best floors from a range of floors which are all exquisite?... Read More

Coir Matting can go on any floor. 30/03/2020

Coir! That matting is lovely! Does it go on vinyl flooring?

Cut to size coir matting. Is there anything more satisfying for your home than laying a coir mat in your hallway? Probably, but not when it comes to flooring! It can reinvent your hallway and ensure the entrance to your hallway is something to be proud of. But can coir matting go on your carpet and your vinyl floor? That is one of the questions we often get asked, and in this article, you will find the answer. Does coir matting go on vinyl flooring? In times like these, people... Read More

Artificial Grass can accommodate sports matches. 12/03/2020

Can you play sports on artificial grass?

Artificial grass or astroturf? Which one should you choose? Which one is better? Can you play sports on artificial grass or is that just astroturf? Find out below in our extensive article. Can you play sports on artificial grass? If your children, your parents, or your friends are all keen sportsman then you may be looking into whether or not you can play sports on artificial turf. This is because if you have a back garden or a local sports centre that is purely grass, it can get very muddy... Read More

Swing into Springfield with Artificial Grass 03/03/2020

Swing into Springfield: Some of the best artificial grass at Flooring Direct

Based in the little village of Hollington, Derbyshire, there is an online flooring store who are delivering some of the best customer services across the UK. They come in the name of Flooring Direct and artificial grass is their game (as we enter Spring and Summer). Got your eye on any fake turf in particular? Try out Springfield (aka Sandringham) from Flooring Direct whilst there is a sale on! Springfield Artificial Grass – Sold at Flooring Direct Springfield artificial grass is amongst the most realistic and popular synthetic turf on... Read More

Choose artificial grass. 18/02/2020

Across the UK Flooring Direct supplies some of the best artificial grasses

Throughout the UK Flooring Direct works hard to ensure that it is supplying customers with the best flooring around, both indoors and outdoors. The various types of artificial grasses are included in that, and we ensure you get the best, from one of the best. We are so confident that you will be happy with our artificial grass, we allow you to order a FREE sample before you buy to ensure you will be happy with your choice. Myths about artificial grasses Artificial grasses only go outside. This isn’t strictly... Read More