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Warehouse Insurance Article 01/04/2021

3 Things to Make Sure Moving to A New Warehouse Is Seamless

No matter what business you own or what industry you are in, moving to a new warehouse can be a very daunting task. You want to ensure it all goes as smoothly as possible, but how do you do it? Ideally, you need to plan ahead and thoroughly organise the move. This article will discuss the three things to consider ensuring a seamless transition process when moving to a new warehouse. Invest in Warehouse Insurance Before anything, your new warehouse should be fully insured. The transition process when moving products... Read More

composite decking in the garden banner 19/03/2021

Are You Putting In A Deck This Spring? Here’s Why Composite Decking Is The Way To Go

When it comes to home improvement projects for the garden, there are very few more popular than a deck installation. Alongside artificial grass, composite decking is one of the products and ideas that has taken off in 2020 and is continuing to show major popularity amongst UK homeowners. This last year has shown us all just how valuable it is to have a green space where you can sit and unwind, and a deck offers the perfect flexible solution. For everything from barbeques and family gatherings to enjoying some quiet... Read More

laminate flooring - flooring drop 26/02/2021

Our Final Winter Season Flooring Drop – Laminate Flooring

At Flooring Direct, we love providing our customers with exactly what they are looking for. After all, the perfect flooring is the foundation of your home. Therefore, we have added even more shades and designs to our most sought-after Laminate range. Egger – Laminate Flooring Ladies and Gentlemen; say welcome to the six brand new designs to join our ‘Egger’ collection. The Shades: Avery Oak White Wilson Oak Natural Charlotte Oak Brown Charlotte Oak Achensee Oak Light Grey Charlotte Oak As you can see, all six new shades incorporated into... Read More

Design Ideas for your artificial grass garden 23/02/2021

3 Design Ideas for an Artificial Grass Garden

Artificial grass gardens provide a host of benefits for their fortunate owners, making them an attractive investment indeed. While it is true that they reduce the time and money spent on maintenance, synthetic lawns also provide a few perks in the way of design. They last for a long while, resisting wear and tear for years at a time, which means they can consistently contribute to the overall attractiveness of your lawn for the foreseeable. That’s certainly not to be scoffed at! Keep reading for 3 design ideas that will... Read More

Floortex Vinyl Flooring 25/01/2021

New In: Floortex Vinyl Flooring

At Flooring Direct, we believe that there is no such thing as ‘too much choice’. This is why we consistently supply for your needs with new flooring ranges jam-packed with alternative designs, styles and patterns to ensure that you are always spoilt for choice. This article is all about our new Floortex Vinyl Flooring! To make your ‘new floor’ decisions even more difficult, we are thrilled to introduce our brand-new collection of vinyl flooring: Floortex. With designs featuring warm herringbone wood-effect vinyl to cool stone and concrete textures. Along with... Read More

What is the best for flooring? 14/01/2021
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The Flooring Rundown – What flooring is best?

At Flooring Direct, we receive messages every day regarding which of our flooring is truly the ‘best’ option for our customers. It is such a hard question to answer. This will purely depend upon an individual’s personal needs and interior style. Therefore, to help with this issue we have decided to compile our very own ‘Flooring Rundown’. To address this question and hopefully help you decide which of our flooring options is the perfect fit for your home. So, sit back, relax with a cup of tea and join us,... Read More

Flooring Direct trends of 2021 05/01/2021
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The New Trends of 2021

2020 was an interesting year, to say the least. Banana bread baking, zoom quiz’s and face masks became the new normal. Plus, we all had to adapt our lives to keep each other safe and help out our wonderful NHS. Flooring Direct also experienced an upsurge in people buying vinyl floors, laminate flooring and artificial grass back in the summer! However, 2021 is a brand-new year full of potential. It is time to go on those adventures we missed out on. Also, we can fill our beautiful homes with a... Read More

Pet friendly flooring article 17/12/2020
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Is there pet-friendly flooring?

What would life be without our furry little friends to cuddle on a cold winters evening? Their wet noses, fluffy ears and muffled noises really do make a tough day a little brighter. Here’s all you need to do to ensure your home has suitable pet-friendly flooring! Pet-Friendly Flooring However, it is no secret that pets can be a little messy. Whether it’s due to muddy paws, spilt food or claw scratches, our once perfect flooring can end up looking extremely worse for wear in very little time. To combat... Read More

Flooring Inspiration and advice 09/12/2020

Feel Inspired by Flooring: Flooring Directs Advice and Inspiration

Looking for a bit of flooring inspiration? Flooring Direct has heard your calls for grey floors and the ever so practical vinyl sheets. Now we want to make it even easier for you to access our most popular products. Also highlighted are what we know to be the fantastic flooring fits of the season. We know how common it is for people to get bored and tired of seeing the same floors within the same four walls every day. Sometimes all we need is a glimpse at ‘what could be’... Read More

Keeping warm with carpets 04/12/2020

Keeping Your Floor Warm This Winter

As the weather is getting increasingly colder and the nights are getting longer, there’s only one thing on our minds: keeping warm and cosy. Whether your perfect day is curled up watching a film or playing games with the family, one element is crucial: keeping warm.  How you can be keeping your floor warm this winter Flooring covers a large surface area of your home, maximising this space means that you can add extra warmth to your home. Below we examine what aspects of your home and flooring you should... Read More