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Floor Visualiser

If you are looking for a fresh new floor, you have come to the right place. At Flooring Direct, we stock an extensive selection of flooring to cater for all individual tastes and needs. When it comes to flooring, Flooring Direct can provide. From carpet to laminate flooring and from vinyl flooring to LVT, we have it all. 

We understand the stress and hassle associated with purchasing new floors when it becomes tedious, scrolling and clicking through endless links without truly knowing what it might look like in real life. But, with our flooring visualiser tool, we guarantee a picture perfect image for you to envisage your new flooring in action.

With the option to use our sample rooms or upload/take a photo of your own, you can choose your preferred flooring and wall colours to complement your flooring option. This way you will have a clearer sense of what your chosen flooring will look like in your home without committing to it before you are sure. 

Scroll down for step by step guidance on how to use our visualiser tool. Try before you buy with Flooring Directs Floor Visualiser.

How To - Flooring Direct Visualiser


Step 1


Follow the link to access the webpage directly attached to the Flooring Direct Visualiser. 


  • Pick the 'Browse for my Photo' option if you are using the visualiser on a desktop and select a photo which features the floors in the desired area of your home.


  • Select the 'Upload Phone Photo' option to upload an image of your own home from your phone that you would like to see your new flooring on.


  • 'Choose a Sample Room' for a tailored fit of our flooring in a specific room setting, whether that is bathroom, living room or bedroom.


Step 2


Once you have chosen your image, you can get familiar with the tabs on the home screen.


  • Select the three lines in the top left hand corner to find the export option or print your visualiser Flooring Direct Fit. You can also choose to try out another sample room or upload an image from your mobile or desktop.


  • Click on the 'Floors and Wall Paint Colours' to search for your potential new flooring and pick out a wall colour to match.


  • To save your visualiser room, use the tool selection box in the top right hand corner. You can also search for more information of your chosen flooring using the 'Product Details' button as well as having the option to rotate the angle of your floor.


Step 3


Find your desired flooring and choose a wall colour to match!


  • Select the tab in the top centre with the white arrow to bring down the page where you can find our flooring products to choose from and personalise your room


  • Use the search bar which will take you directly to the flooring that you are looking for and select the image. You can even filter your search by product type and scroll down the selection of flooring close ups!


  • Select the 'Wall Paint' bar and scroll through over 150 different colours and shades of paint to coat the walls of your chosen room image. Once you have decided on both a wall colour and flooring, the visualiser will show you the finished product.


Step 4


Check out your potential new flooring in action!


  • If you like the look of the flooring, you can save it to your favourites using the panel in the top right corner. You will then be able access it again quicker as it will be saved at the top of of your visualiser search page.


  • When looking at patterned vinyl, angled tiles or chevron style flooring, consider using the 'Rotate Floor' option to view it from alternate positions. This will allow you to experience the full appearance that the flooring has to offer.


  • You can find the official webpage for each of the flooring products by clicking on the 'Product Details' option in the top right corner.


Step 5


Compare your flooring choices to help you to decide on your favourite.


  • Use the arrow on the left hand side to pull up a second visualiser room image that you can use to compare your favourite flooring options.


  • Drag the arrow to the centre of the page for an even split of both visualiser images and use the top centre arrow to bring up the product page to alter the overall appearance of each room.


  • Once you have settled on your favourite flooring option, you can select the three horizontal grey lines to save, export or print your visualiser image.

Get a feel for your flooring

After visualising your potential new flooring in action, why not order a free sample so that you can experience the look and feel of your flooring in person. This will allow you to feel even more confident in your decision to purchase your flooring with Flooring Direct. Head to your chosen product page and select the 'order free sample' button which will immediately place the sample into your basket. Order up to four free samples of alternate flooring so that you can compare and decipher which one is best for you.