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 Follow the link below to access the print out version of our Laminate Fitting Guide. For those who prefer an in depth explanation of the Laminate laying process, this detailed document will guide you along every step of the way.

Laminate Fitting Guide Instructions

Laminate Fitting Guide Video



 How to fit Laminate Flooring 


This Laminate Fitting Guide will take you through each step explaining how to lay your floor, covering all safety precautions you should be taking as well. Don't forget to double check your measurements before starting to avoid any mishaps!

Our flooring experts have constructed these fitting guides to help you save on extra costs and protect your budget. Why not try your hand at some DIY and let our flooring be your new project.

Laminate flooring is relatively easy to fit yourself, especially with Flooring Directs handy hints and tips to advise you along the way. Remember, preparation is key and always ensure you consider your safety before each step.



Step 1


Preparing for your Laminate Flooring

1.Ensure you have acquired all tools necessary to fit your flooring and remove all furniture/flooring from the room in which you will be installing the laminate and sweep the surface. 

2.Having a clean sub-flooring to begin with will put you in a great position to start laying your flooring. Otherwise you will need to take some time to ensure the sub-floor is level, dry and clear from any dirt.

3.Double check your floor measurements to ensure you have the right size in mind when fitting your laminate flooring to be sure you have enough material to cover the whole floor.



Step 2


Begin laying your Laminate Flooring

1.Lay the first board of your laminate, starting in the far corner of your room so that you can work your way outwards towards the entrance of the room.

2.Make sure that you position the laminate floor boards so that the tongue side is facing towards the wall. Positioning the floor boards this way round will leave the grooved edge in the correct position to be fitted into the scotia when it comes to finalising your Flooring Direct Fit.

3.Use a fitting wedge to create a small gap between the flooring and the skirting as you fit your laminate around the perimeter of the room.



Step 3


Finish the first row of your Laminate Flooring

1.Fit your flooring row by row, ensuring that you follow the same careful process when fitting each floor board into place.

2.Do not rush the laminate fitting process as it is incredibly important to line up each plank correctly. Listen for the 'click' as you secure each piece of laminate in place.

3.Secure each floor board using a tapping block which will allow for precision and a tight seamless finish between planks.



Step 4


Mark your Laminate Flooring

1.Once you have completed laying the first row of your laminate flooring, you might need to consider cutting the last plank to size so that it fits in the desired area.

2.Use a measuring tape to measure the distance between the end of the last laminate plank and the edge of the room to decipher how big of a cut you need to make.

3.We recommend turning your laminate upside down and resting it against a hard surface, using a pencil to mark along the line where you need to cut the plank. 



Step 5


Saw your Laminate Flooring

1.For this step, safety is key. Be sure to take all precautions to ensure that you are safe when sawing your laminate floors. 

2.Use a work mate to saw your laminate flooring as it will provide a sturdy surface to work on as well as clamps to hold the board in place while you work on it.

3.Take your time when cutting the boards as a clean cut line will offer a more professional finish without any snags or rough edges. It is also worth noting that you can always cut more off if your measurements are slightly over but you cannot stick more on!



Step 6


Check the fit of your Laminate Flooring

1.Once you have reached the last row of your laminate, you may need to repeat Step 5 to ensure a perfect fit along the edge of the room. Again, being sure to leave a slight gap between the floor and the skirting using a fitting wedge. 

2.Use a pulling bar and a hammer to secure the laminate flooring into place.

3.This should complete the process of fitting your laminate flooring. Head to our Accessories Fitting Guide for information on how to fit scotia beading, solid profiles and more.