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Our Laminate Buying Guide

 Welcome to our ‘Laminate Buying Guide’. We are very happy that you have landed here.

At Flooring Direct we appreciate how difficult it can be to find the perfect laminate flooring for your home. From dark grey wood, to light brown herringbone, to chic and simple tile; we have it all on offer for a great price. Though such range allows us to cater to all of our customers varied needs, it can make finalising that laminate decision even trickier.

Therefore, our experienced flooring experts have taken it upon themselves to compile all the knowledge they have and pop it into one easy to read buying guide. Get ready to experience all elements laminate, from price point, style, shade to fitting and caring for your laminate.

We hope that this guide informs, entertains and helps guide your #flooringdirectfit journey.


Choosing Your Laminate by Room



 For the Bathroom

 Unwinding in the bubble bath after a long hard day? At Flooring Direct we believe that a breath taking flooring is required to ensure that ultimate relaxation is achieved. 

Our wonderful laminate flooring is a very popular choice for our customers when it comes to bathroom design. Great for most rooms in the house, our laminate is easy to clean and comes in a wide array of styles and shades.

Hard-wearing for a busy family bathroom, and waterproof as long as the correct sealant is used, our laminate can be utilised to create the most wonderful bathroom statement.


 For the Living Room

 The living room is the merging of two worlds. A place for relaxation and fun, the flooring in the living room must be suitable for both purposes. Durable for dancing and the perfect base for comfort, laminate is an ideal solution.

Easy to clean, authentic in appearance and available in a multitude of styles and shades, Flooring Direct laminate offers the ultimate practical and aesthetic qualities required.

Plus, with prices starting from just £5.99 m² laminate also offers a budget friendly option for those after an inexpensive fix, without ever compromising on quality or style.


 For the Kitchen

 Food glorious food! The kitchen is often the hub of the family, a place to create fantastic meals and baked goods. However, the creation of good food inevitably invites a little mess.

With an easy to clean surface and stain resistant coating, one quick wipe and your Flooring Direct laminate is spotless. Plus, when the correct sealant is used and the our laminate is fitted correctly, it can withstand the moisture of spills and mishaps in the kitchen.

Plus, the beauty of Flooring Direct laminate can bring your kitchen décor to the next level. Authentic and breath taking in appearance, guests of your home will simply not believe your Flooring Direct laminate is not the real deal.


Choosing Your Laminate by Price


For those conscious of cost, our budget laminate is a great place to start your Flooring Direct search. 

With prices all under £8.00 per meter squared, this range offers a low-cost option whilst remaining true to our upmost promise of high style and quality. 

After a laminate that has it all? If so, our essential laminate range is not one to miss out on.

This selection includes some of our most sought-after laminate options and though it may seem too good to be true, but we promise it is not. Have a little scroll to explore for yourself.

If you are looking for a Flooring Direct laminate that is on the more luxurious side, our premium laminate collection is a great fit for you.

With such a varied range of designs on offer, our premium collection exudes elegance and sophistication. 


Choosing Your Laminate by Design



 Classic and Bright

Create a modern impact in your home with the Flooring Direct ‘Classic and Bright’ range of laminate flooring. A great fix for any room, laminate is both beautiful and practical for that busy family home. Easy to clean too, any mess created on this flooring is simple to rectify. Plus, laminate is so authentic looking that guests will simply not believe it is not the real deal.


Ornate and Intricate

Is your home needing a little more flair or detail? Well, if the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Our ‘Ornate and Intricate’ laminate range is full of designs perfect for impact in the home. Flooring Direct laminate is also extremely hard wearing and capable of withstanding heavy traffic; so, you can be sure your new laminate will stand the test of time.


 Traditional and Warm

Bring a snug and welcoming feel to your home with the Flooring Direct ‘Traditional and Warm’ laminate flooring range. A low-cost flooring option, this laminate can be installed without the need for a professional fitter. This is because Flooring Direct laminate features a ‘just clic’ design, making the fitting process that bit easier for our wonderful customers!


Your Laminate



Laminate Care Guide

Once you get your hands on your Flooring Direct laminate, caring for it properly is crucial to guarantee it remains faultless.

To view this laminate care guide and make sure your flooring is well looked after, simply click here and explore our top tips.


Laminate Fitting Guide

 Fitting flooring via a professional can burn a HUGE hole in your pocket- upwards of £200 for an average size room.

Therefore, if you would like to skip paying such a hefty amount, our laminate fitting guide can take you through the whole process of fitting your own flooring.



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