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 Follow the link below to access the print out version of our Vinyl Fitting Guide. For those who prefer an in depth explanation of the vinyl laying process, this detailed document will guide you along every step of the way.

Vinyl Fitting Guide Instructions



 How to fit Vinyl Flooring 


Our vinyl fitting guide is here to help you along each step of the way towards your new floor. From the all important room measurements to the tools you'll need and the safety precautions to take!

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to lay vinyl flooring and save the money you would have otherwise spent on a fitter. Roll up your sleeves and get started with some DIY.

Laying vinyl flooring is a relatively simple and straight-forward process. As sheet vinyl rolls out and only requires sticking with adhesive spray or glue, there are no heavy duty laying techniques to master. 



Step 1


Preparing for your Vinyl Flooring

1.Ensure you have all listed tools.

2.Remove all furniture/flooring from the room in which you will be installing the vinyl and sweep the surface.

3.Double check your floor measurements to ensure you have the right size in mind when fitting your flooring.



Step 2


Rolling out your Vinyl Flooring

1.Ensure your sub floor is smooth and free from debris and dust. Any ply boarding or latex smoothing should have been done prior to this point.

2.Unroll your vinyl onto the sub-flooring, making sure that it is laid out in your preferred direction.

3.Make sure that there is excess material laid in any doorways and where the vinyl meets the skirting boards.



Step 3


Cutting your Vinyl Flooring to size

1.Use scissors or a craft knife to trim the vinyl carefully, keeping 3 inches of excess vinyl intact. 

2.In each corner, cut a small triangle out of the excess vinyl. This allows the vinyl to lay flat and fit around the corners of the room.

3.Take your time when cutting to avoid mistakes and injuries.



Step 4


Clean cutting your Vinyl Flooring

1.Press a bolster chisel where the vinyl meets the skirting, creating a sharp crease.

2.Cut along this crease. It is easiest to use a craft knife to do this.

3.This will leave you with smooth, clean cut edges which can be tucked behind scotia or lay flat against the skirting board.



Step 5


Glue and finish your Vinyl Flooring

1.Working in sections, pull back the vinyl flooring and apply your Flooring Direct vinyl adhesive to the sub-flooring.

2.Use a floor roller to completely flatten the flooring, or you can even do this with your hands or kitchen rolling pin!

3.We recommend applying weight to your flooring to prevent bubbles or creasing in your vinyl.