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Our Laminate FAQ's

What can you expect to find on this page?

 At Flooring Direct, we have so many flooring options. Therefore, it is no wonder our customers are left with questions about us, our delivery and our incredible products!

So, if you are here because you too have some questions, chances are we have answered it below. 

*However, if we have not included your question, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team (via telephone 0333 1234 581 or e-mail info@flooringdirect.co.uk). Alternatively, you can send us a direct message on social media.*

  • What is LVT?
  • What does LVT stand for?
  • What are the uses of LVT?
  • How much does LVT cost?
  • Do Flooring Direct sell LVT?
  • Should I get LVT?
  • Is LVT different to normal vinyl?
  • Should I buy LVT?
  • Is LVT waterproof?
  • Is LVT suitable for kitchen's and bathroom's?
  • Can I use LVT in my bathroom?
  • Can I use LVT in my kitchen?
  • Can LVT get wet?
  • Can I get water on my LVT?
  • Is luxury vinyl tile waterproof?
  • Is LVT a waterproof flooring?

The acronym LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile. It is a premium flooring supplied by Flooring Direct, available in both click-fit and glue-down ranges. LVT is currently growing rapidly in popularity as it has many benefits such as durability, beauty and water resistance. 


What is LVT made from?

Like standard vinyl, LVT is made up of PVC (polyvinyl chloride resins). In simple terms, LVT is made from an extremely versatile plastic. 

Amazingly, modern technology allows for this plastic to mimic the appearance of other flooring types (such as genuine tile or wood) whilst retaining the practical features plastic offers, that can't be achieved by the real deal. Most notably, LVT is completely waterproof, and therefore, is a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. LVT is also lower in cost than its counterpart, leaving more money for home furnishings and accessories.


As suggested by its name, LVT is on the more luxurious side of flooring options. Prices of our wonderful LVT start at £24.50, which is higher than traditional vinyl sold at Flooring Direct. However, this is still an extremely competitive price in the grand scheme of flooring and when compared to genuine tile or wooden flooring, is an absolute steal! 


Yes, Luxury Vinyl Tile is waterproof. As mentioned during Q1, LVT is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride resins) of which is impervious to water.

However, it is always important to ensure that the correct fitting and preparation is undertaken when installing LVT. This is because although the flooring itself is water repellent, a damp sub-flooring underneath the flooring, or perhaps the incorrect sealant could still cause damp to occur underneath the flooring. For help with fitting LVT, check out our simple to follow LVT fitting guide

Having said this, when LVT is correctly fitted, it is both a practical and stunning solution to bathroom and kitchen floorings. So if you want the look of wood without the chance of water damage, or the appearance of tile without the risk of breakages- LVT is the way to go.


If it is waterproof, can LVT be used outside?

At Flooring Direct we do not recommend for LVT to be used outside.

This is because sunlight can fade the colour of LVT, and the ever-unpredictable weather of the UK can take its toll on LVT over time.

Though Luxury Vinyl Tile is waterproof; wind, dirt, debris and temperature changes can impact the quality and look of LVT as it is not designed for use outside. 

  • Is LVT suitable for dogs?
  • Is LVT suitable for children?
  • LVT damage
  • Can LVT be damaged?
  • Is LVT good for families?
  • Is LVT good for pets?
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile damage
  • How to fix LVT damage
  • Cleaning LVT 
  • How to clean LVT?
  • How to install LVT?
  • How to install flooring yourself?
  • LVT fitters near me
  • LVT cleaning near me
  • How to fit LVT
  • How do I install my own floor?


Luxury Vinyl Tile is a great flooring solution for families, as it is not only beautiful, but durable and practical too. In fact, the LVT on offer at Flooring Direct automatically guarantees a 20-year domestic warranty. Therefore, you can sleep at night knowing that the heavy foot traffic of your home is not going to phase your flooring at all. 

Furthermore, LVT offers an easy clean, waterproof and stain resistant surface- perfect for homes with little ones or furry friends. So, if spillages are likely to happen at dinner time, or muddy paws tend to appear from nowhere, LVT is a great choice to make. One quick wipe with flooring cleaner and your LVT will be good as new; saving much needed time and energy.


Can LVT get damaged?

Though damage will always be possible with any type of flooring, certain kinds of flooring are more susceptible to certain damage than others. For example, carpet is more prone to staining whilst laminate is more prone to denting. 

LVT is damage resistant as it has a hard and scratch proof surface, and is durable to weight and foot traffic. Plus, it is also stain-resistant and cannot be ripped or pierced. However, like all hard floorings of its nature, LVT is not invincible and can be dented under significant pressure. 

However, the good thing about LVT is that if it is damaged, the whole thing does not need to be replaced. This is because LVT is fitted via separate panels or tiles, meaning that a solo piece can be removed and re fitted. This is a handy solution and could save you a lot of money if damage does occur. 


At Flooring Direct we do not offer a fitting service ourselves.

We find that this allows our customers to decide what they do with their flooring, whether they want to go ahead and select a professional fitter or have a go at fitting themselves and save some money! 


What should I bear in mind when installing LVT?

Preparation is very important. LVT can be installed over a few different types of sub-flooring, however it is crucial to ensure the sub-flooring is clean, dry and free from debris before any installation begins. 

Ensure you have all the correct equipment to hand, including safety gloves and goggles. 

Clear out the room of installation from all furniture, accessories and people!

Take your time. You do not want to rush this process.


If you would like to give fitting your own Luxury Vinyl Tile a go and need more detailed information, head over to our LVT fitting guide, which has been especially created by our flooring specialists.

Furthermore, for information regarding LVT cleaning and care, our LVT care guide is full of tips and tricks.

  • Bathroom LVT
  • Kitchen LVT
  • LVT in bathroom
  • LVT in kitchen
  • Which rooms can LVT go?
  • Where can I have LVT in my home?
  • LVT for hallway
  • LVT for bathroom
  • Which Flooring Direct laminate is best for my home?
  • Which laminate should I go for?
  • Which laminate is best?
  • What laminate should I choose? 
  • Which Flooring Direct laminate is best for my home?
  • Which laminate should I go for?
  • Which laminate is best?
  • What laminate should I choose? 

LVT is a great flooring choice for many areas in the home. So, whether you are after a new floor for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bedroom, lounge, or home office; LVT is a good fix.

One of the main benefits of LVT is that it can provide the look of hard wood whilst offering water resistance. This is fantastic as no genuine wood is completely waterproof. This means that the look of wood can be achieved in bathrooms and kitchens- without worry of damage.

Another benefit can be the cost of LVT when compared to its genuine counterpart. This cost does vary heavily and will depend upon the appearance you are after however, LVT can offer the same look for a better price. 


Can I use LVT anywhere?

LVT can be used in so many areas in the home. However, Flooring Direct do not recommend use of LVT on the stairs or in outside locations.

  • LVT outside: Although LVT is waterproof, it is not designed for outside use. Therefore, wind, debris, temperature changes and sunlight can all cause irreversible damage to your Luxury Vinyl Tile.
  • LVT on stairs: Flooring Direct do not recommend LVT for use on stairs simply because it can be slippery, which could cause injury. However, if you were desperate to fit LVT on your stairs, you could purchase a stair runner which will provide that much needed grip. 

Though we have already discussed the practicalities of LVT during other questions, we are yet to address the huge range and beautiful appearance of Luxury vinyl Tile. Unlike traditional vinyl flooring, LVT has a hard surface providing a more genuine appearance and feel underfoot.

Furthermore, you can be sure that when you purchase Flooring Direct LVT you are making an investment for your home. After all, our LVT offers a 20-year domestic warranty! This ensures our customers can rest at night knowing their flooring is going to stand the test of time. 


So, what styles of LVT are on the market?

  • Herringbone LVT. Herringbone effect provides detail and interest to the eye whilst maintaining a classic and natural feeling. 
  • Parquet Luxury Vinyl Tile. Parquet style Luxury Vinyl Tile holds such a luxurious appearance yet still offers the raw aura provided by hard wood. 
  • Wooden style LVT. Our wooden style LVT collection is extensive. We offer many different shades and grain, from grey wood, natural oak, deep rustic brown, to pale and golden oak. 
  • Stone/Concrete Luxury Vinyl Tile. Rustic yet modern, this style of LVT is a perfect way to add an industrial ambience. 
  • Tiled LVT. Sophisticated and chic, Flooring Direct Tile LVT creates an air of elegance and finesse.
  • Other types of LVT on the market are: marble LVT, mosaic LVT, patterned LVT and stone LVT. Though currently we do not stock these types of LVT, make sure to follow our social media pages to keep up to date with our new in products.