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Our Carpet Buying Guide


Welcome to our wonderful 'Carpet Buying Guide'.

At Flooring Direct, we know that finding that carpet with the perfect appearance, out of the wide variety we stock, can be a challenge.  Not to mention the numerous complex properties each of our carpets hold that you will need to consider. This is such an important step that many aren’t aware of, as it will ensure your carpet is not only beautiful, but practical for its purpose too.

Therefore, our flooring experts have created our carpet buying guide to walk you through all things carpet, from style and design to pile type and material. We explore the pile and fibre properties that you do not get taught at school and cover the important stuff such as prices and durability.

So, sit back, learn more and discover your dream #FlooringDirectFit with us.


Choosing Your Carpet by Room



 For the Bedroom

 What is better than getting out of bed and feeling your toes sinking into that luxurious thick carpet? At Flooring Direct, we do not think it can be beaten. 

Furthermore, not only is our carpet incredibly soft underfoot, but also adds a cosy appearance, sending you into an even deeper sleep every night. 

Plus, our carpet is stain-resistant. So, if you like midnight or movie snacks in bed, you can be assured that spillages will not end in disaster. 


 For the Living Room

 The living room, as implied by name, is the household room that brings life and joy to any family. A place to relax in front of the TV with a cup of tea, or to play games with the family, a living room must be practical and beautiful. 

Therefore, the Flooring Direct carpet is the perfect fit for any lounging area. It is soft and warm underfoot, whilst also proving heavy duty enough to withstand heavy foot traffic for a busy home. 

A carpet also exudes a snug and comforting feel, perfect for those who need a family space to relax in. Plus, carpet provides a cushioning in case of a fall- very important for those families with young children.


For the Stairs

 At Flooring Direct, we believe that all flooring should be beautiful in design. However, what many forget are the practicalities a floor must serve beyond its appearance. Stairs should not be slippery for safety reasons. It is due to this necessity that we recommend our customers opt for carpet when renovating their staircase. 

The non-slip properties that carpet offers cannot be matched by any other type of flooring. However, though this is the most important feature, carpet is also soft underfoot, hard wearing, and attractive. It is also the easiest flooring to install on stairs as it can bend around each step and does not reveal creasing in the flooring as vinyl would. 

Although at Flooring Direct we have our own ideas as to where are carpet goes best, your home means your rules! Our carpet can also be used for hallways, dining rooms, landings, kitchens, and bathrooms.


Choosing Your Carpet by Price


If you are working within a budget and are looking to find the best priced carpet for the lowest cost, then this section is perfect for you. 

Our Budget Range is bursting full of incredible products just waiting to be fitted in your home. All of this for under £5 per meter squared, what are you waiting for?


Our Essential Carpet range caters for everyone whilst retaining an affordable price tag. 

For the low cost of £5-£10 per meter square, this selection features Berber, Twist and Saxony pile types and over 20 different shades of carpet. So, why not have a little scroll through and find your perfect #FlooringDirectFit today?

The Flooring Direct Premium carpet range exudes luxury and comfort. Get ready to sink your toes into a sumptuous soft pile and create a cosy ambience in your living room.

So, why not order your free sample of Premium carpet today and experience the deluxe feeling first-hand?


Choosing Your Carpet by Design



Neutral and Light

 Bring a fresh feeling to your space with our ‘Neutral and Light’ range of carpet. Perfect to open up a smaller space, this range will compliment any home or interior décor. Hard wearing and durable, you can rest and night knowing your carpet is safe from the heavy foot traffic of a busy home. Explore the selection on offer today at Flooring Direct. 


Bold and Vibrant

 Add energy and personality to your home with our ‘Bold and Vibrant’ carpet selection. Stripes, patterns, and bold colours, those who are brave enough to opt for this range will be bringing life and joy to their home. Furthermore, our carpet traps warmth in the home meaning that you will also save money on heating bills with Flooring Direct, a win-win situation!


Dark and Deep

 Create a cosy atmosphere with our ‘Dark and Deep’ carpet designs. Perfect for families who are prone to making a mess, the stain-resistant finish means that you can be sure your carpet will stand the test of time. Plus, once your family experience the luxuriously soft pile underfoot, you will be a very popular individual. Discover our range today at Flooring Direct.


More Information


At Flooring Direct, we offer a range of different pile types. From Loop Pile and Twist to Berber and Saxony, we have it all. However, with all these carpet pile options it can be hard to know which is the right one for you. Click on the icon to find out more.

The range of carpet we have available here at Flooring Direct is made up from either natural or man-made fibre. This distinction is important, as each fibre type has individual features. Click on the icon to find out more.


Your Carpet



Carpet Care Guide

 Once your wonderful carpet has arrived, it is important to care for it properly to ensure it stays in perfect condition. 

Click here to find our carpet care guide and see how you can keep your carpet flawless.


Carpet Fitting Guide

Hiring a professional fitter may be the easiest option, however it can cost you upwards of £200! 

So, if you want to save those coins, click here and discover our easy-to-follow carpet fitting guide, so you can take on the challenge yourself.


Pairing Your Purchase

 When purchasing carpet, is it important to consider the accessories you may also need, especially if you are fitting it yourself. From underlay to metals and gripper, we have all that you need here at Flooring Direct.



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