Top Picks

Our ‘best sellers’ page is the perfect place to discover which products our customers are loving the most at the moment. With such popularity, you can be sure that you are getting an amazing product, for an even better price. Find our top-selling flooring and accessories here, all of which are highly appraised and approved by our customers. Don’t take it from us, our customers have demanded and we have supplied! We keep on top of stock of all our best sellers to avoid disappointment and ensure we are giving you exactly what you want – even if you don’t know what that is yet.

Grey Flooring

Check out some of our favourite styles of grey flooring below. If you weren’t interested before, you will be now! 

Without a doubt, grey is the colour of the year. This is because grey is the perfect neutral shade to provide a classic look, with a slight twist. It’s far from boring beige and it’s taken the world by storm, offering us every shade imaginable! Grey flooring promises not to dull or darken a room, and yet it is dark enough to mask minimal dirt and marks in between cleaning - result! 

At Flooring Direct, grey flooring has been the biggest trend of 2020. Flooring Direct provides so many different variations of grey flooring - grey vinyl, grey laminate, grey carpet, grey everything for that matter! The possibilities are endless. We have a huge variety of shades on offer to cater for every colour scheme, from deep charcoal grey to a silvery tinged tone. 

We stock a massive array of unique styles to choose from such as classic wooden, herringbone and parquet panel – and that’s just our laminate range! The alternative textures each material provides allows for an alternative appearance and feel to your grey flooring. So be creative and get carried away with the trend that is grey flooring!

Century Oak Grey Laminate

Tindale Twist Light Grey

Baroque Kent Vinyl

Patterned Vinyl 

Patterned vinyl has been a big hit in 2020, take a look at some of our customers top picks. 

Perfect for any room, Flooring Directs vinyl adds immaculate design and popping colours to any home. Make a statement with our alternative designs including geometric patterns, floral designs and Moroccan inspired looks. Here's some of our most popular designs of the season as chosen by you!

As an alternative to patterned tiles, our vinyl range offers all the authentic details, colours and overall appearance of tiles without the added expense. Without paying for a fitter and instead rolling up you sleeves and trying your hand at some DIY, you could save a lot of your decorating budget with our patterned vinyl range! 

This type of flooring allows your personal style to run free and become the accent of the room. A signature patterned vinyl can become the talking point of the entrance hall or the quirkiness in your bathroom. Add a sense of style to your kitchen with it, letting in brag chicness and make a statement.

Evora 573

Estrella T76

Algarve 90

Flooring Accessories 

 We cannot forget the flooring accessories that our customers deem as must have products! These essential items will complete your room and add all the finishing touches to your new flooring. We guarantee the full flooring experience at Flooring Direct.

Our clear carpet protector is one of our best sellers due to its practicality and the resilient protection it offers your floors.

Simply placing the clear carpet protector over your carpets and rugs adds an extra layer of protection to any area of your home. Whether it’s the heavy traffic areas like your hallway or entrance way, where muddy footprints are unavoidably invited in. Or your living areas where you want to keep your flooring looking and feeling brand new, this carpet protector could be perfect for you. 

With anti-slip grippers, our carpet protector will stay secure underfoot whatever type of pile it’s placed on and is ideal for keeping your carpets clean for longer. Available to buy in a range of lengths and a fantastic way of keeping your carpets clean all year round, our carpet protector can guarantee the longevity of your flooring.

It’s 100% UV resistant, child, pet & environmentally friendly, hardwearing, stain resistant and ideal for indoor all areas.

Our customers understand the necessity that is scotia beading, which is why it is one of our best sellers! The purpose of scotia beading is used to cover the expansion gap left around the perimeter of your newly laid laminate or wood floor, it is easily fitted using glue or small pin nails.

Adding scotia beading to the perimeter of your floor will help to achieve that smooth professional look that your floor deserves. It will give your floor a clean and tidy finish without any visible gaps or rough-cut edges, what more could you want?

At Flooring Direct, we offer over 20 different colours and textures of scotia beading to choose from, so you won’t be short for choice here. Our customer service team will be able to advise you and offer any extra information on this product to ensure you choose the right one for your floor. 

Don’t dismiss the edges of your room, line the perimeter of you floors with our scotia beading to add the finishing touches your floor deserves.

Underlay is essential when it comes to laying carpet and laminate, hence why our Sonic Gold laminate underlay is one of our best-selling flooring accessories.  

Underlay provides a thin layer of cushioning, usually made of materials such as sponge rubber, foam, felt, or crumb rubber. Most underlay offers heat insulating properties as it’s selling point also, so laying this beneath your laminate floor will in-turn save you money on your energy bills!

At 5mm thickness, our underlay exhibits impressive sound absorption features, allowing the impact of heavy footing and hard-sole shoes to be minimised.

Our sonic gold underlay acts as a moisture barrier between the foundations of your floor and your flooring which will protect it from any damp or leaks that may occur.

Clear Carpet Protector

Scotia Beading

Laminate Underlay