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View our full range of flooring accessories to ensure your floors are fitted and cared for correctly. We can guarantee quality and longer lifelines for your flooring by employing these accessories and applying their uses to our variety of flooring. Flooring Direct is committed to providing the perfect finish to your floors, so we stock profiles, underlay, metals, tapes, gripper and much more! Our range can supply for all your flooring needs.

Flooring Accessories 

Here a Flooring Direct, we have a wide range of products to meet your needs, including an extensive range of flooring accessories. These include solid profiles, Scotia beading, laminate profiles, wood and laminate underlay, carpet underlay, premium and regular carpet metals, adhesives and tapes, carpet gripper, artificial grass accessories and coir matting. 

Solid profiles are made from oak and come in a T-bar shape, designed to cover the expansion gap between two adjacent floors of the same height, supplied raw and unfinished, as laminate floor edging. Stikafix Scotia beading is used to cover the expansion gap left around the perimeter of a newly laid laminate or wooden flooring. 

We have a range of underlays, for wood and laminate flooring, as well as for carpet and underfloor heating. These can help with insulation and reduce wear, as well as make for an even more comfortable carpet. Carpet strips are used to join carpet to vinyl or other hard surfaces, and metal edging strips can join carpet to laminate, wood or tile flooring. 

We have a range of vinyl adhesives and tapes, including both sprays and tapes. Additionally, carpet gripper rods are pre-nailed with specially tempered nails, pre-driven into the gripper and used for carpet installation. 

Our range of artificial grass accessories includes special adhesive tapes and sprays, as well as underlays and pins and pegs. Lastly, coir matting is made from natural husks of coconuts with a PVC backing, and is designed for heavy pedestrian traffic for doorways or entrance areas.

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