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Our Laminate FAQ's

What can you expect to find on this page?

 At Flooring Direct, we have so many flooring options. Therefore, it is no wonder our customers are left with questions about us, our delivery and our incredible products!

So, if you are here because you too have some questions, chances are we have answered it below. 

*However, if we have not included your question, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team (via telephone 0333 1234 581 or e-mail info@flooringdirect.co.uk). Alternatively, you can send us a direct message on social media.*

  • Which Flooring Direct laminate is best for my home?
  • Which laminate should I go for?
  • Which laminate is best?
  • What laminate should I choose? 
  • What laminate flooring is good quality?
  • Low cost laminate.
  • Laminate deals.
  • Laminate for busy home.
  • Who sells laminate flooring?
  • Who fits laminate?
  • Where can I buy laminate online?
  • Who installs laminate?
  • Where can I hire a local laminate fitter?
  • Hiring flooring fitter?
  • What websites sell good laminate?
  • Where can I get low cost laminate from?

The best laminate for you and your home will depend on the style and practical requirements for each individual/ the room in which the laminate is to be installed. Our ranges vary from our essential ‘Egger Laminate’ to our luxurious ‘Krono Swiss Laminate’.

If you have a ‘look’ already in mind, you can filter your laminate search by colour or design in the left-hand side bar. Alternatively, if you are still searching for design ideas our ‘Advice and Inspiration page’ is the perfect place. There you will find customer transformations, current trends and our amazing visualiser tool.

Regarding the practicalities of laminate, it is important to consider the features of your home and the room in which it is going to be installed. 

For example:

  • Have you got any pets that may leave scratches/ mess?
  • Have you got children that may slip/fall?
  • Is your home a busy one with heavy foot traffic?
  • Are your family members prone to spilling/ making a mess?
  • Does your laminate need to be water resistant? I.e. Are you looking to fit laminate in a bathroom or kitchen? 

Once you have considered all of these questions, we recommend finding a product that you like and scrolling down to the product description and/or clicking across to its product features. Both of these sections should give you that much needed information and help you decide which flooring is suitable for you. 

If you feel as though you are still left wanting more information, we have laminate guides for planning, buying, caring and fitting. An important thing to bear in mind is that fitting laminate properly is very important, and the utilisation of a waterproof sealant is necessary if the laminate is to be installed in a kitchen, bathroom, or utility.

Why go anywhere else? Flooring Direct has a HUGE range of beautiful and quality laminate flooring waiting for you. 

At Flooring Direct, we are solely an online distributer. This helps us keep our costs low, so we can give our customers the best price possible. However, do not worry. We know that seeing the quality and appearance of flooring up close is very important, and so we offer our customers up to 6 FREE samples each. This means that although we are based online, our customers get the same in person experience- just for a much lower cost.

As we operate online only, we do not offer fitting of our own products. We understand that this may seem inconvenient for our customers, however we believe that it makes the process simpler.

What are the benefits of this?

  • It gives the customer the opportunity to fit their own flooring. Many of our customers do opt to fit their own flooring, using our laminate fitting guide to offer a helping hand during the process.
  • It allows the customer to select their own fitter. This means you choose who enters your home. This process leaves you in control, ensuring you can decipher between experience levels, prices charged, location and reviews online.
  • Plus, the process of hiring your own fitter is not as difficult as you might think. With the internet, a professional fitter is just a click away. Simply type into google your local area followed by 'laminate fitter' and we can assure that you will have plenty of option.  

At Flooring Direct, we offer plenty of alternative laminate finishes. Whether you are looking for lacquered, matte or gloss we have you covered. Plus, with designs and shades ranging from classic grey oak, to deep brown herringbone; an abundance of inspiration is waiting for you within our laminate collection.

Why go anywhere else to satisfy your laminate flooring needs? Explore our range today.

  • How is laminate flooring installed?
  • How is laminate flooring laid?
  • Can I install my own laminate?
  • How is laminate fitted?
  • How is laminate made?
  • How is laminate flooring created?
  • Laminate flooring installation
  • Installing laminate flooring.
  • Can I install laminate flooring over carpet?
  • Can I install laminate flooring over tiles?
  • Can my laminate get wet?
  • Are laminate floors slippery?
  • Are laminate floors waterproof?
  • Is laminate flooring sealed?
  • Laminate for bathroom.
  • Laminate for kitchen.

 Laminate flooring is fitted in the home by laying each board down one by one, starting from the far corner of the room and working outwards towards the entrance of the room. 

During this process it is important to follow the correct procedure and position each laminate board correctly, tongue side facing the wall throughout. It is also crucial to remember to use a fitting wedge throughout every side to ensure there is space for the skirting to fit. 

Whilst each plank is fitted into place it should make a ‘click’ noise, which confirms the planks are secured together. To secure this fit even further a tapping block can also be used. In some circumstances, sawing laminate planks to ensure the correct fit will be necessary. For an in-depth fitting guide, with a tool list and top tips included, check out our laminate fitting guide.

As we have mentioned above, at Flooring Direct we do not fit the flooring we supply ourselves, leaving the control in our customers hands. We find that this is the best option, as many of our customers enjoy fitting laminate themselves to save money on hiring an expensive professional. Plus, as the individual hires the fitter they want, they can decipher between different fitters, their cost and location. A win-win! 

How is laminate made?... 

  • Laminate is made up of numerous separate layers, each made from a slightly different material. The number of layers can vary (but is usually three or four). These separate laminate layers are then fused together to create laminate flooring, using an incredibly high heat.
  • Laminate is made from laminated high-density fibre (HDF). This creates a beautiful and realistic looking board, whilst offering a cheaper price point and certain practicalities that solid wood cannot compete with.

 In theory, Flooring Direct laminate flooring can be fitted in most areas of the home, dependent upon its features. A great place to start is our product description and the product feature list underneath each product listed, which is very helpful to look at.  

Each feature list will include:

  • AC rating. This rating informs the consumer of the durability and amount of foot traffic the flooring can withstand. The higher the AC rating, the more durable the flooring is.
  • Thickness and width. This is self-explanatory, however provides you with crucial measurements you will need when deciding how much you need to cover your flooring. Installation system. This helps identify the difficulty level of installing this flooring, a great help if you are thinking of fitting your flooring yourself.
  • Warranty. If there is a warranty included, this will be listed in the product features confirming its length.  This gives the consumer confidence in the longevity and quality of flooring.
  • Room suitability. This informs you which rooms the laminate can be fitted in. This heavily depends on whether the laminate is waterproof, so it is important to check this if you are thinking of fitting laminate in a kitchen or bathroom. Please note that even if a laminate flooring is waterproof, the correct fitting and sealant must be used to ensure no water penetrates underneath the laminate.

Regarding sub-floor suitability, as long as the sub-flooring is dry, clean, flat and free from debris laminate can be installed over top. However, a completely flat concrete sub-floor will produce the best and highest quality finish. 

For helpful tips and tricks regarding the fitting of laminate check out our laminate fitting guide. Plus, we also have guides for planning, buying and caring for your laminate flooring.

  • Can I paint over laminate flooring?
  • Can laminate flooring be painted?
  • Can laminate flooring be reused?
  • Laminate flooring DIY.
  • Can I reuse laminate flooring?
  • Laminate DIY at home.
  • Laminate refurbish. 
  • Recycle laminate floor.
  • Can laminate flooring burn?
  • Can laminate get stained?
  • Will laminate dent?
  • Laminate repair.
  • How to repair laminate?
  • Can laminate flooring be recycled?
  • Does laminate flooring need to be replaced?
  • Replacing laminate flooring.

Yes, Flooring Direct laminate flooring can be reused! Our range of laminate can be painted, taken up and laid down again. This is a huge benefit of laminate flooring, as it has a lot more DIY potential than other flooring types, such as vinyl for example. 

This is a great choice for an individual that likes switching up their interior every now and then- as laminate can be painted any colour the heart desires. Alternatively, this DIY option is perfect for a busy family home that experiences the odd dent or scratch. Remember- laminate flooring can last up to 30 years, and so minor accidents are likely to occur.

Plus, laminate flooring is a great option if you are thinking of moving to a new house soon, as it can be removed and laid again in a new home- saving you extra coins on buying a whole new flooring.

However, though laminate DIY is possible, it is a process of which requires great caution and care. All the correct steps must be taken to ensure the process runs smoothly, steps of which can require great time and effort to undertake.  For example, if laminate is being painted, it must first be cleaned with a degreaser, sanded down fully with high-grade sandpaper and primed with a high quality (ideally oil based) primer. All of these steps must be completed before even starting to paint. It is worth questioning whether this process is as easy as it may first seem. 

It is also very important to weigh up whether this process is financially worth it, as it requires a lot of time and effort to carry out. Supplies such as cleaning products, sandpaper, machinery, primer and paint will of course cost money. Plus- this is assuming that you are carrying out the DIY yourself and not hiring a professional. As Flooring Direct products are of such good value, it may make more financial sense to simply purchase a new Flooring Direct laminate.

The answer to this question is an open one. Laminate flooring is very hard wearing, and dependent upon its AC rating, can withstand heavy foot traffic. However, as with any flooring in the world, damage can occur. 

The specific damage queries we get most often are:

  • Does laminate burn? Laminate is highly resistant to heat, but it is not 100% heat proof. In other words, unless you apply an extremely high heat directly to the laminate surface, it would be very unlikely for it to burn.
  • Can laminate stain? Due to the material covering laminate planks, it is incredibly unlikely that laminate will ever be stained. This is great for families with messy children and mucky pets- as one quick clean removes all grime.
  • Can laminate chip/dent or be scratched? Laminate has a coating which is scratch and dent resistant, however with any wood-based flooring, this is something that can occur in rare circumstances. 

The good thing about laminate flooring, is that it can easily be repaired if necessary. Laminate repair kits, pens and putty are all available to buy online for many different retailers, all of which can be used to cover any damage extremely easily. Plus, laminate comes in separate boards meaning that individual ones can be replaced, unlike flooring that comes as one piece such as carpet or vinyl. Again, this means if disaster does strike and one or two boards need replacing, this can be done with caution, for little cost.

However, with all of this being said, if you take good care of your laminate it can last an extremely long time. If you want extra tips and tricks regarding caring for your laminate, check out our laminate care guide.