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Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)

These floors are making waves in the industry. Find out why they should be the next flooring you have in your room below. Explore the range of options we have available to you.

The latest advancement in flooring, these luxury vinyl tiles combine durability and longevity, making them one of the most sought-after types of flooring in the world. Creating fantastic designs and delivering the best flooring solutions around, luxury vinyl tiles are becoming a real Flooring Direct best seller. Quiet and warm underfoot, the flooring is also highly durable and more importantly, scratch-resistant!

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Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring combines the practicality of synthetic materials with a visual aesthetic and tactile quality which are quite at home in the most distinguished surroundings.  These products add a touch of class while offering easy installation and low maintenance usage.

LVT flooring has begun to supplant traditional stone, wood and ceramic tiling in settings such as hotel lobbies and rooms, executive boardrooms, and exclusive residences.  The tiles can be made to look just like the original material – they can even be embossed to have the same texture – but have many practical advantages.  Vinyl tiles are better insulators of heat and sound than solid tiles, making them particularly practical for homes.  They are warmer to the touch, and soft underfoot.  Luxury vinyl floor tiles are extremely easy to install, as they are simple to cut to shape.  Cutting solid tiles requires special equipment, and working around pipes and skirting can be frustratingly slow work.

How much does LVT flooring cost? 

You’ll notice that all the different finishes listed above are for sale at the same price because they are all made in the same way.  If, on the other hand, you choose solid tiles made from a type of wood or stone which is of limited availability, you could find yourself paying far more.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is in some ways similar to rolled vinyl flooring, but here too choosing tiles affords certain advantages.  If a roll of vinyl flooring becomes damaged beyond repair, it may be necessary to re-lay the entire floor.  But when a floor is covered by vinyl tiles, only the affected area must be replaced, saving both time and money.

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