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Caring For Your Rug

We all share the same initial plan to keep our new purchases looking and feeling fresh and rugs are no exception. After perusing Flooring Direct’s range of rugs, we’re sure you might have been tempted to purchase one. Whether you gave into your rug desires or want to brush up on how to care for your pre-existing rug, have a read of Flooring Direct’s top tips on how to care for your rug. We’ll help you in every way we can to keep your rug looking stunning. 

With every new rug, you should expect some shedding. Fluffy fibres will end up clinging to anything they can reach, so after laying your rug, be sure to give it a quick once over with the vacuum cleaner. This will save you having to use a lint roller on your clothes constantly!

Double check the details of your rugs fabric properties before using any cleaning detergents on it. If your rug is made out of 100% Polypropylene, then it is usually safe to use bleach-based products to clean it. However, if it is made up of more sensitive materials then steer away from harsh detergents.

It goes without saying, but any spillages or stains should be cleaned up immediately, without leaving any chance for settling or soaking. This will give you more chance of lifting any stains before they cause discolouration or damage to the material and overall appearance.

Get To Know Your Rug

Hopefully you’ve taken Flooring Direct’s advice and kept up with hoovering your rug to prevent any excess fluff from coating your house! It’s useful to know what each style of rug requires to ensure you are providing the correct care for your rug. Here’s what you need to know about rugs:

● Loop-pile rugs – Using a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar would be recommended for this type of rug. Beater bars this could cause the rug to look older and worn due to the rougher bristles and stiffer features.

● Cut-pile rugs – Using an upright vacuum with a beater bar and brush would be the ideal piece of cleaning equipment to clean this type of rug. The texture requires a firmer tool to tackle the dirt that needs lifting off the surface of the material.


Keeping Your Rug Clean

Spillages And Stains

Acting fast is the key when it comes to spillages. Cleaning up any spilt liquids as quickly as possible will prevent it from turning into a stain and causing lasting damage to your rug. Permanent, irreversible stains are what we’re trying to avoid, so check out our advice below to make sure you’re taking all necessary measures. 

Don’t rub the stain! This will press the mark further into the material. Try blotting the stain with a damp cloth to gently lift the excess liquid. 

Tackle the stain from the outside, working your way inwards to avoid spreading the stain across the rug further.

Wipe the stain away while following the direction of the rug fibres to ensure it retains its full shape and healthy appearance. 

Check the label of the cleaning detergent you’re using to make sure its safe to use on your rug. Apply the cleaning product to a damp cloth rather than directly onto the rug.

Cleaning Your Rug

Polypropylene And Bleach
100% polypropylene rugs are safe to clean with bleach. Be sure to check the label or the manufacturers product details to confirm the material of your rug before using bleaching detergents on it. Using bleach will help you lift stubborn stains like ink, red wine or pet-mess stains. 
Wearing rubber gloves is essential when working with bleach to ensure you protect your skin. Wearing a mask will also protect your respiratory system from caustic fumes. Be sure to open some windows and keep the room ventilated while cleaning with bleach.
Mix your bleach with water and transfer it into a spray bottle. Thinning out the bleach and applying it to a cloth using a spray bottle will make it easier to use, as you have more control over the amount you want to apply.
Evenly coat the affected area on the rug with the mixture and leave it to soak for up to an hour. 
Once the cleaning mix has had chance to settle and work its magic, wipe the excess product away with a cloth and clean water. Be careful not to drown your rug – be sparing with the water!


Cleaning Your Rug

Cleaning Up After Your Pets

We know how difficult it can be to keep your rug clean when you have pets at home. So here is some helpful advice from Flooring Direct to help you solve these issues:

Investing in an enzyme-based solution is your best bet when it comes to cleaning pet related stains on your rug. Double check the label of the cleaning product to make sure it is suitable for your rug before using. 

Malting pets can be the bane of your life when it comes to finding little fluffy hairs all over your new rug. We know how difficult it can be to keep on top of all this fur, especially if you have more than one pet!

Vacuuming your rug should remove any hairs lying on the surface. For the hairs that have embedded themselves further into the rug between the fibres, you can purchase an attachment for your vacuum that is specifically designed to target pet hairs. 

You can also run a damp cloth or sponge over your rug to collect the hairs that are proving to be a bit more difficult to remove. Remember, don’t soak your rug with water!

Rug Maintenance

Maintaining your rug is a fairly easy job and if you follow Flooring Direct’s tips we can promise that your rug will serve you well throughout it’s lengthy lifespan.

● Avoid early signs of wear and tear on your rug by positioning it out the way of heavy traffic areas.

● Allowing shoes inside will risk the cleanliness of your rug by inviting unwanted dirt to settle into the fabric, so avoid walking over the rug with dirty footwear on if possible. 


• Vacuum your rug often

• Rotate your furniture to prevent the fibres of the rug flattening

• Brush your pets outside to prevent excess malting and stop hairs from settling on your rug


Don’t leave stains to settle

Don’t walk over your rug with shoes on

Don't soak your rug with water

Visualise rugs in your home.

Is It Time To Replace Your Rug? 

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your rug will undoubtedly contribute to the longevity of it. However, much like any flooring products, our high-quality rugs will eventually become dated and begin to show signs of aging. So, if you’re fed up of tripping over the frayed edges of your tatty old rug, then head over to our rugs and mats product page to find the new perfect rug for you.

Our Rug Buying Guide buying guide can aid you in any decisions regarding budgeting for a new rug and how to make sure you’re getting the best quality for the best price. Our price match guarantee assures you that you will always be getting the best deal at Flooring Direct.