Caring For Your Rugs

If you’ve spent money on one of our beautiful rugs, you’ll want to keep it looking as good as new for as long as possible. We’ve put together our top tips on how to keep your rug looking stunning.

Generally, when you get your new rug. They usually get really fluffy and start shedding loads of fluff. If you hoover your often, this should stop this from happening.

If the rug is 100% Polypropylene then it’s usually safe to bleach clean (check the label first). If it’s anything else… stay away from bleach!

If you (or someone else) spills something, clean it up straight away! If you leave it then it’s less likely that the stain will be removed.

Rugs - Keeping them clean 

Ok, so you’ve taken our advice and you hoover your rugs often… which is great! Just so you are doing right, try to follow these instructions for different types of rugs:

● Loop pile rugs - The best vacuum to use would be one without a beater bar. If you don’t have one of them, just brush it to avoid causing the rug to look worn.

● Cut pile rugs - The ideal vacuum would be an upright hoover with a beater bar and brush.


Cleaning Your Rug - Spillages

I think we’re all aware now that if something has been spilled on your rug, you need to act fast! Get it cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid it becoming a stain. Some stains will be permanent if they’re left for too long, so don’t wait around. Follow our tips below for the best way to avoid staining your rugs.

Don’t rub the stain! This can make the rug completely change colour permanently. Just blot it with a white towel (so there’s no chance of colour running) gently.

Obviously you don’t want the stain spreading to other areas of the rug, so blot from the outside of the stain, inwards.

Brush the area upwards so it keeps its shape when it’s dried.

Make sure whatever cleaning product you use, you check the label first. If it can be used, to be safe don’t apply it directly to the rug. Just put it on a cloth before cleaning. Make sure you remember to rinse the area with water, but don’t soak it!


Cleaning Your Rug - Polypropylene With Bleach

100% Polypropylene rugs are safe to clean with a bleach mix and are the only rugs that you can do this with. Just double check the fibres with Flooring Direct if you want to make sure. For stubborn stains like ink, red wine or mud, we have some tips for you:
Wearing rubber gloves and a mask is essential when working with bleach. It will protect your respiratory system from caustic fumes. Keep the room ventilated whilst using.
To make your bleach mix, use 50% thin domestic bleach and 50% water. Then put it into a spray bottle.
Evenly coat the stain with the mix and leave it for between 30 and 60 minutes.
Then rinse the area with water as thoroughly as you can. Again, just make sure you don’t soak the area.
For any stubborn dirt, brush it off and then rinse.


Cleaning Your Rug - Pet Stains

If you’ve got a pet then you definitely know what it’s like to find stains. We’ve got some hints for you on how to bring your rug back to life:

An enzyme based solution is your answer to cleaning up a pet stained rug. Make sure it’s suitable for the fibre of your rug.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once the stain is gone, rinse with water.

Don’t soak the area when rinsing.


Cleaning Your Rug - Pet Hairs

Everyone loves playing and snuggling with their pets, the pets love it too! The downside is, there’s always pet hair on the rug! If you have the issue already, you’ll know how difficult it can be to get all the hair out of the rug. We’ve put together our best tips for this problem:

First, hoover the rug. Some vacuums have a special attachment to remove pet hairs.

If that doesn’t work, get a mop or sponge and put some water on it. Run it along the surface of the rug to pick up the hairs. Don’t soak the rug with water.

When the rug has dried, hoover it one more time and there should be no more hair!


Maintaining a Rug

Rugs are relatively easy to maintain and if you treat them right, they’ll last many many years. 

Try to keep the rug out of sunlight if possible, otherwise it might start to discolour.

Put your rug where there’s low footfall to avoid excess wear.

Deal with a spill straight away so it doesn’t stain permanently.

So we all know that really, you’re not supposed to wear your shoes on the rug. So always keep them off whenever you can. Bare feet or feet in socks are generally easier on rugs. Also, you’ll keep off any dirt this way!



• Vacuum often.

• Rotate furniture

• Trim pets nails

• Use furniture pads when placing under furniture


Let stains sit

Wear shoes

Over wet the rug

Place in direct sunlight

Visualise rugs in your home.

Is it time to renew your Rug? 

Regular cleaning and hoovering of your rug will undoubtedly help it last longer, but after years of use even the highest quality rugs will show signs of ageing and wear. So, if your fed up of tripping over that frayed, tatty old rug or you simply think it is time for makeover, why not take a look at our range of rugs to find the ideal one for your home?

Our Rug Buying Guide is there to help you with any questions you may have. Remember before you make a purchase order a free sample and use our free visualiser to help you decide.