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 Click the link below to access the printable PDF instructions on how to install LVT. Our flooring experts have gathered all the information on how to fit both 'glue down' and 'click lock' Luxury Vinyl Tiles and compiled in into Flooring Directs very own LVT Fitting Guide.

LVT Fitting Guide Instructions PDF



 How to fit LVT Flooring 


Have a read through this LVT fitting guide for instructions, tips and advice surrounding the installation process of glue down and click lock Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring.

Before you start, take a look at our guide on how to measure up for your new floors to ensure you have scouted the area from wall to wall and have the correct amount of tiles to cover the perimeter of your room. This part is crucial to ensure the LVT fitting process runs smoothly.

Fortunately, our LVT flooring is easy to install, so you can save your budget by not spending extra cash on hiring a professional floor fitter when you can instead, better your DIY skills and achieve the same results! Just follow Flooring Directs advice on how to install LVT below.



Step 1 - Glue and Click


Preparing for your LVT Flooring

1.Double check that you have access to all necessary equipment listed above before you start laying your LVT floors. You will only need a tapping block if you are installing click-lock LVT tiles.

2.Be sure to take extra care when preparing your sub-flooring for your new luxury vinyl tiles. Take your time when it comes to sweeping, wiping and levelling out the ground that you are about to start working on to ensure there is no dirt or debris settled on the surface.

3.Check that your LVT is clean and dry before using it and allow it to adapt to the room temperature for up to 24 hours before laying the tiles. 



Step 2 - Glue


Bonding your LVT Flooring and Sub-flooring

1.Apply your vinyl flooring adhesive to your subflooring, ensuring you coat the whole surface, all the way to the edges. Take note of any product-specific instructions that come with the LVT just in case there are extra procedures to carry out.

2.Wait for up to half an hour for your vinyl adhesive to become sticky and the texture to become tacky. The instructions for use on your adhesive of choice will provide you with any further information or timings that you need to be aware of when fitting your LVT flooring.

3.You can head to our accessories page to purchase vinyl adhesives such as sprays and tapes which can be used to install Luxury Vinyl Tiles.



Step 3 - Glue


Begin installing your glue-down LVT Flooring

1.You can begin laying your LVT tiles when the adhesive has settled onto the subflooring. However, you will need to work alongside the clock as the adhesive will begin to dry over the course of around 2 hours. 

2.Working section by section, line the tiles up alongside one another, working from the outside of the room, inwards.

3.Take your time when lining up each Luxury Vinyl Tile to ensure a smooth and professional finish. Try not to leave any gaps in between each tile, they should be fitted right up against each other.



Step 3 - Click


Begin installing your click-lock LVT Flooring

1.Lay the first plank of LVT down in the far corner of the room, ensuring that the long, tongued edge is positioned facing towards the outer edge of the room.

2.To connect each plank via the shorter edge and simply press the two tiles into each other listening for the 'click' sound that happens once the tiles have been secured. Connecting the tiles along the longer edge requires you to hold both tiles at an angle to engage the locking system and press them down by hand until you hear the 'click' noise again.

3.To secure the fit of your Luxury Vinyl Tiles further, you can take a scrap section from one of the tiles and use it as a bridge between the tapping block and your new flooring. You can then proceed to use the tapping block to secure the flooring into place without direct contact with the LVT which will prevent any damage occurring. 



Step 4 - Glue and Click


Cutting your LVT Flooring

1.To achieve a perfect, professional finish, you might need to cut your LVT flooring to size to ensure you can install it all the way to the edge of your room.

2.LVT flooring tends to be very easy to cut as long as you have the correct equipment. A vinyl tile cutter or a craft knife should do the job. Once you have measured how much LVT you need to cut, use a ruler and a pencil to mark the cutting line on the under-surface of the tile. 

3.Use the line you have drawn as a guide to cut along the Luxury Vinyl Tile. Once you have pierced the surface all the way across, you should be able to snap the LVT to leave a smooth, clean edge.



Step 5 - Glue


Finalising your glue-down LVT Flooring fit

1.Repeat all of the above steps when laying each row of your Flooring Direct Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any adhesive that has settled onto the surface of the flooring before it dries.

2.Once you have completed the whole floor, use a floor roller to press down on the LVT tiles to secure them further and ensure they are all level and fitted tightly.

3.We recommend leaving the flooring to set and adjust to the environment for up to 24 hours before returning the furniture to its original place. 



Step 5 - Click


Finalising your click-lock LVT Flooring fit

1.Contiue working your way from the edge of the room inwards, fitting each tile and listening for the 'click' until the whole of the sub-flooring is covered.

2.Use a floor roller to put pressure on the tiles and secure the fit further. This will allow for any loose-fitted tiles to click into place properly and prevent any of the LVT tiles from moving.

3.Once all of the above steps have been carried out, your newly installed LVT flooring is ready to go. There's no need to wait for the flooring to settle, so you can move any furniture into the room immediately after completing your Flooring Direct Fit!