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Flooring accessories buying guide 

Laying new floors can completely change the appearance of your house. It should not be a rushed process, as making proper decisions will ensure your floor is suitable for the given interior and long-lasting. It is vital to choose the correct floor covering, the right underlay as well as the right fixings and accessories. 

Accessories add the perfect touch to your rooms as well as offering crucial protection against any potential damage to the floor. Don’t worry, we stock everything you need, from grippers and adhesives, to door bars and scotia beading, all available online with free delivery.

All you need to do now is add those finishing touches. Just like an outfit, accessories will complete your living spaces, giving you the look you want. Confused about what you will need? This guide will help you to understand what each accessory is used for. If it still sounds a bit confusing, pick up the phone and talk to one of our friendly expert advisers to assist you with your needs. 

Extra wide cover strip

This profile is to enable the making good of worn or damaged edges of floor coverings in doorways and thresholds. Extra wide cover strips are 63mm wide, they cover large gaps and provide the perfect finish and protection to your floor.

Z section door bar

Used for joining floor coverings together of a different height, a Z section will create a neat and tidy appearance when joining carpets with hard floors such as laminate flooring or stone tiles. It can also be used to join carpets of a different height

Double edge door bar

This threshold strip is used to join two carpets together in a doorway, it has grips on either side which hold the carpet securely in place. It provides a neat and tidy finish between the carpets and keeps them safe from trip hazards. Made from quality aluminium which is durable and easy to cut, install and maintain.

Single edge door bar

This type of trim is used to join carpet to hard flooring such as a tiled floor or vinyl flooring, It is available in sim brass or aluminium it can be used on larger open areas as well as tastefully finishing your doorways. Easy to install you can screw to the floor or use a strong adhesive.

Double sided flooring tape

Double-sided flooring tape will is used a an alternative to spray adhesive to fix vinyl flooring and felt backed carpet to your sub floor. Easy to use, the tape is super-strong and provides a firm and secure hold that is sure to last. Simply attach the tape to the perimeter of your room and then lay your vinyl flooring or carpet onto it. It provides a simple strong fix for your floor.

Carpet spray adhesive

Carpet adhesive is used to hold underlay to the sub floor, it stops the underlay rucking up whilst the carpet is being pulled out and laid on top of it. It is fast acting and will bond carpet and underlay to almost any sub floor including concrete, stone, wood and tiles.

Premium door bars

In 2018 Flooring Direct decided to revolutionise the door threshold market. No longer do you have just two choices of colour (Sim Brass or Chrome). We introduced this exclusive premium range of thresholds, available in single, double and Z section. You can now match your door handles and plug sockets with your threshold strips.

Vinyl spray adhesive

Similar to flooring tape, vinyl spray adhesive offers a quick and simple way of bonding your vinyl flooring to the sub floor. This super strong spray is quick drying and will stick vinyl flooring to almost anything, including concrete, stone, tiles and wood.

Laminate threshold strip

Available in a choice of modern colours to complement your new laminate flooring to precision, this MDF trim will sit flush across thresholds and create a smooth transition between rooms with laminate flooring. Its heavy wearing foil wrap finish should stand the test of time.

Carpet gripper

Available in handy lengths of 1.2m, carpet grippers have sharp angled nails in them that are designed to hold the carpet in place. When fitted, the nails are angled towards the wall so that the carpet can be stretched over them. Simple to use our carpet grippers can be easily cut down to size if required. They can be fitted with a gripper adhesive or the nails provided. Carpet gripper is suitable for use on wooden floorboards and most concrete sub floors.

Scotia beading

Scotia beading is crucial, as it covers the gap between the floor and the skirting board. It allows the laminate flooring to expand and contract without leaving unattractively looking gaps around the edges of the room. Scotia beading is a decorative moulding used to cover the gap without removing the skirting. Available in over 30 different colours you’ll be sure to find the colour you need.


You may feel that underlay is an unnecessary extra when buying flooring, but in truth, it is essential for the longevity of your new floor. It increases comfort levels, depth of feel and the life span of your floor, the benefits of underlay are indisputable.

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