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How To Care For Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles guarantee style and sophistication when it comes to interior design. As well as looking flawless, they provide ultimate underfoot comfort to keep your feet feeling good. Making a house a home is our forte here at Flooring Direct, and our LVT flooring can do just that. We want to promise the longevity of your flooring, so that you can get the most out of it and enjoy the luxury of luxury vinyl tiles for longer.

• Treat your floor with care, being conscious not to drag or push furniture along when possible and lift anything that needs to be moved.

• Lay mats underneath your furniture and heavy items to prevent any unnecessary damage or general wear and tear to your luxury vinyl tiles.

• If you are purchasing a rug to lay on top of your LVT, choose one with non-slip backing to prevent any injuries from slipping. Non-slip rug underlay can be purchased separately to lay underneath any rug.

Cleaning LVT Flooring


General Advice

Luxury vinyl flooring tiles are super easy to clean, which makes it a perfect fit for family homes where spillages and stains are inevitable. Our LVT makes a good choice for your kitchen as day-to-day spillages and stains can be wiped up instantly without soaking into the material. 

LVT requires very basic maintenance to keep it clean, using only a brush and a mop, you can have your floor looking brand new in no time.

Removing any dirt and dust from your floors with a quick vacuum will leave your LVT flooring looking clean and tidy with minimal effort.

A weekly wipe-down with a mop or some antibacterial wipes will replenish the surface of your floor and give it the ‘new floor shine’ again. Use scented wipes to make the room feel even fresher. 

Removing Stains From LVT

Although luxury vinyl tiling is usually easy to clean, some stains can settle and end up being difficult to remove than others. Here are some floor-hacks to get rid of stains:

Try wiping up the stain with a damp cloth and some mild cleaning detergent to lift the excess spillage and any discolouring it may have caused.

Wring out your cloth/mop thoroughly before using it to clean up any stains, don’t drown your floor in water!

Using a soft-bristle brush, in circular movements, rub over the stained area and it should lift any dirt that’s stuck in the crevices of your LVT flooring. Be gentle and avoid using abrasive materials that can scratch the surface.

For any particularly suborn stains, using cleaning chemicals can help to lift them. Be sure to check the label and make sure they are suitable for LVT flooring before use. 

Always rinse away any detergent or soap after cleaning to avoid stickiness or bleaching. 

Take the time to let your floor dry before walking over it, for safety reasons and for the sake of keeping your clean floor clean!

● One rule to live by when it comes to maintaining your LVT floor, is to never use a steam cleaner. The heat and moisture can lift the material from the foundations of your floor which can cause irreversible damage.

Maintaining Your Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring - General Tips

A routine, weekly clean of your floor will leave it looking fresh and well-kept.

Flooring Direct’s ultimate floor hack is a trusty doormat! They are able to trap any dirt and moisture that you may bring inside immediately. A large door mat covering the entrance way of your home will leave your hallways mess-free and protect your LVT from unwanted debris cluttering the surface.

Avoid laying your LVT in a room that is exposed to constant direct sunlight as this can cause slight discolouration of the material.


Luxury Vinyl Tile - Maintaining The Finish

Acting fast and cleaning up stains, grease, or liquid spillages as they occur will improve the overall look of your LVT. Always have a cloth handy, along with some light cleaning detergent to be prepared for any mishaps!

To maintain the overall pristine finish of your floor, be sure to fit it properly to avoid any long-term damage

Avoid using any wax-based cleaners on your LVT floor as this can make it dangerously slippery and possibly dull the overall effect of the tiles.

Repairing Luxury Vinyl Tiles

The process of repairing or replacing your LVT is so simple! These click in or glue down tiles can be lifted and replaced individually, so there’s no need to replace your whole floor if there’s a damaged tile. 


How To Repair Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Invest in some epoxy resin – a clear liquid that you can apply to the damaged area to fill in any cracks. This will harden when it sets and hold the damaged tile in place. 

If you have coloured luxury vinyl, purchase some acrylic paint in the matching colour to your floor. 

Mix the two products and apply to the damaged area, filling in any gaps and fitting the material together. 

Level out the floor and remove any excess mixture, leaving the finish to set smoothly.

How to Remove and Replace Luxury Vinyl Flooring Tiles

If you have glue down LVT flooring, use a blow dryer or a heat gun to loosen the adhesive which holds the tile in place. This allows the tile to lift more easily. 

Wipe down the floor beneath the tile to clean it and prepare the floor for a new tile. 

Replace the damaged tile with a new one that has been glued on the underside and cut to size. 

Align the tile patterns with your current floor to ensure consistency in its appearance for a professional result.

● Use a rolling pin or floor roller to push the tile down firmly into place to prevent any air bubbles creating bumps on the surface of your LVT.

Handy Hints And Tips


• Wipe up spillages as soon as possible to avoid the risk of permanently staining your LVT.

• Use a door mat to collect dirt and grit that could otherwise be tracked onto your flooring and cause scratching. 

• Use floor protectors undeath your furniture to avoid any damage to your LVT. A rule of thumb to follow when it comes to flooring, is to match the heaviest items with the widest floor protectors. 

• Use a neutral floor cleaner that is suitable for use on vinyl flooring to care for your LVT correctly. 

• Sweep, dust and vacuum your floor on a regular basis to maintain its flawless feel.

• Use a plywood sheeting path when moving heavy appliances or furniture. This will protect your flooring and make everything easier to move.


Don’t use heavy set chemical cleaning products. ‘Mop and shine’ products tend to leave a film on vinyl flooring that takes away the shininess so avoid these where possible. 

Do not use wax-based products on LVT.

Avoid abrasive materials when scrubbing your floor. Always choose a cloth or soft-bristle brush.

Detach the beater bar from your vacuum to prevent damage to the surface of your flooring. 

Too much water being used to clean your LVT can cause long term damage. Water can destroy the glue bond that holds the tiles in place, allowing the corners to curl up and the flooring to become loose. 

Don’t use rolling castors on LVT as they can cause indents and other damage from repetitive strain and movement. Instead, attach felt pads to the legs of your furniture or lay a mat beneath it. 

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