How to clean Laminate Flooring

The test with any floor is to ensure that it stays looking as good as new for as long as possible. The good news is there are many things you can do to keep your floor looking brand new for longer. Find out how to properly care for your laminate flooring with our laminate flooring care guide. Helpful information on cleaning, damage repair and maintenance tips from industry experts.

Take a look at our guide to ensure your flooring is best kept and always keep in mind:

Avoid dragging any furniture across laminate flooring

Instead lift with assistance if needed

Chairs and tables with narrow legs can be dealt with by using soft casters


Cleaning Laminate Floors

It’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s guides regarding cleaning products that can be used on your laminate flooring. Although the main things you’ll need is a mop and broom to deal with the day to day maintenance.

Welcome Mat to go on top of Laminate Floors

The best low-cost cleaning products


Laminate flooring isn’t always waterproof so using a door mat is great to avoid bringing in dirt and water.

You can just use vinegar and water on most laminate flooring.


mix one cup of vinegar with 8 pints of warm water. Then a mop to go over the floor with, make sure the mop has been drained as laminate can warp from too much water.


Spills and dirt on laminate flooring


Use a dry cloth immediately to clean up any spills, you want to avoid using too much water.


A dry microfiber mop or cloth is a great option to remove dirt and dust.


Not to forget the trusty vacuum and brush.

How to clean laminate flooring

Mopping on laminate flooring can be done.

What to do for an intensive clean


Use a microfibre mop or floor cloth with cleaning fluid, making sure that you dry the area after also.


If you come across wax or gum use ice to harden the area and scrape it off with a plastic scraper.


Floors with bevelled edges or V grooves should be avoided as it can cause dirt to build up proving it hard to get out.


Handy hints and tips


How to deal with scratches on a laminate floor

You should be able to find laminate repair kits from DIY shops or online but let's try and prevent that from happening! 


Check your manufacturer's information to see if your laminate came with added scratch guards.


Try to have the household remove shoes before coming in. Avoiding any small stones, water and mud entering!


Avoid any abrasive cloths or pads on your laminate flooring.

Deal with scratches on a laminate floor.

Laminate floor requires little maintenance

Laminate floor maintenance

It’s inevitable that your laminate flooring will lose some of its shine but it’s possible to get the shine back.


Carefully dealt with any stones or gravel brought into the house making sure the surface isn’t scratched.


Vacuum or sweep day to day dirt away.


Use a mop with vinegar and water to clean your laminate make sure the mop has been wringed out thoroughly.


Struggling with the mop? Try a cloth with the same mixture applying pressure on the areas.



Do use mild soap detergent, or all natural cleaners on laminate floors.  

• Do use a damp mop to clean laminate and avoid using too much water.  

Do use soft cotton or cloths to clean laminate floors.  

Do wipe up spills immediately.  

Do place mats under pet dishes and use furniture pads to avoid scratch marks. 


Don’t use too much water, or let water sit for too long on your laminate floors.  

Don’t use abrasive cleaning tools as it's easy to scratch laminate.  

Don’t use any cleaner that promotes shine as it can cause a waxy build up that is difficult to remove.  

Don’t use pine scented cleaners as they leave behind a soapy residue.  

Don’t allow it to be in direct sunlight. 

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