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Your guide to Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring buying guide

A beautiful home starts with a beautiful floor. One look is enough to take in the perfection of the design. Whether you prefer a classic or a resolutely modern design you will always find a Vinyl floor covering which is right for you. From wooden floor planks to stone tiles, the possibilities in terms of designs are as varied as you could imagine. As for the colour range, it is impressive and seems to offer an infinite variety.

Vinyl allows you to create the prefect look, it is cost effective and easy to install. It requires very little ongoing maintenance. Vinyl flooring comes in sheet form and is completely impermeable to water.

With a durable wear layer, cushion vinyl can withstand the demands of family life and makes the floor easy to keep clean, as well as helping it to resist scuffs and marks. A foam cushion layer on the underside helps to make the floor more forgiving underfoot and provides thermal and sound insulation, for a quieter, warmer and more comfortable home.

Being water impervious makes it popular for kitchens, utility, playrooms and bathrooms where splashes and spills are frequent. As a man-made floor, vinyl flooring can closely follow the latest in interior trends, replicating the latest wood, stone and tile looks, as well as more unusual and fun designs that can bring an added dimension to the home.

Featuring an embossed surface, cushion flooring can look incredibly realistic making it ideal for homes that want the look of natural flooring without the worry of maintenance.

Vinyl flooring is excellent value for money and available in multiple widths and lengths to accommodate your requirements, it is important to measure correctly and allow for any wastage. Here is some expert advice to guide you smoothly all the way through from browsing to installation.

We’ve created this simple to follow guide to make it easier for you to find your perfect vinyl flooring.

Why choose vinyl flooring? 

Colourful Vinyl Floor

Also known as lino or cushion flooring, vinyl is the way to go if you’re looking for an easy installation, this beautiful and seamless flooring offers great value for money and a waterproof flooring solution. With widths varying from 2 to 4 metres, this is the most accessible flooring solution. Discover what other advantages vinyl flooring has to offer.


We offer 2m, 3m and 4m wide cushion vinyl rolls, allowing you to easily install your flooring without any joints for the aesthetic and perfect finish your interior deserves. 


Whether you love the warmth and cosy aspect of wood, or you’re fond of the boldness and character of tiles, give your interior the classic look of wood or tile without the disadvantages of natural materials. With vinyl flooring, you can produce any imaginable design and colour, from the most natural wood or tile to the most extravagant and inspirational texture.


Whether you are walking around in your high-heels or feel like having a lazy day in your slippers, vinyl flooring absorbs noise so well that it is up to 50% more silent than comparable floors! This makes them the ideal flooring solution for apartments or other spaces where noise absorption is very important.


Looking for a floor that can stand up to wet and dirty shoes or paws? Or do your children sometimes turn your bathroom into a swimming pool? Then our range of vinyl flooring is just what you need. Being 100% waterproof makes it ideal to install in your bathroom, kitchen, utility or any other room in the house.


Vinyl flooring is very low-maintenance. Thanks to an optional protective polyurethane lacquer, the floor is easy to clean and protects it against daily wear and tear. All it needs is an occasional sweep with a wet mop and standard cleaning products.


Vinyl flooring is protected by a very hard-wearing surface. The resistance of vinyl to staining and general household use is one of the key benefits of vinyl floors and makes them one of the most durable types of floor coverings on the market.


The cushioned nature of vinyl floors make them a pleasure to walk upon, they feel warm to the touch and are ideal for barefoot. Moreover, the good heat conduction of vinyl flooring means it works very well with underfloor heating.


Vinyl flooring is far less expensive to produce than other natural flooring products which makes it a much more cost effective option. For a fraction of the cost you can replicate the look of a floor that may otherwise have cost thousands of pounds.


How to choose vinyl flooring by room 

Nowadays vinyl flooring replicates real wood and stone so well that you’ve most likely walked on it many times before without even realising. It is so realistic that guests to your home or business will never be able to distinguish between them. Whether you are looking for a rustic design or a contemporary styled interior, vinyl floors could be the answer to your dreams.

Patterned Vinyl floors

Bathroom vinyl

So fresh & so clean, bathroom floors come in various patterns and designs. Whether your prefer warm wood effect vinyl planks or fresh tile patterns, they are always 100% waterproof and warm underfoot. Get inspired by the endless possibilities

Lounge vinyl

You spend most of your time in your living room. It’s a room where you read, talk, eat and host friends and family. Get inspired by our selected living room designs that are perfect for sharing those important moments in your life. 

Kitchen vinyl

Kitchens are not merely places designed for cooking. They are cooking rooms where people gather to laugh and talk as you prepare your meal. That’s why vinyl kitchen floors are not purely functional but also stylish. Discover our easy to clean kitchen vinyl floor designs. 

Vinyl floor tiles

Bedroom vinyl

Bedroom floors come in different patterns and designs depending on who the bedroom is for. Is it for your little one, your guests or just for yourself? Whoever it is for, you will definitely find the right floor for the right person. Get inspired and step into a brand new day with a big smile on your face.

Hall, stairs and landing vinyl

Rooms that experience high footfall, such as the entrance area, passage and halls require flooring that is resistant to water, stains, scratches and scuff-marks. Discover some of our durable designs and get inspired by the possibilities.

Dining room vinyl

Easy to clean and stunning finishes are just a couple of benefits for having vinyl flooring in your dining room. The perfect floor for entertaining guests, easy to keep clean so no bother if the children spill their dinner. Easy to install and light on your pocket. Enjoy your new dining room flooring at a fraction of the cost of natural wood or stone. What's not to like?

Choose your vinyl by backing 

Embellish your room with vinyl floors

Power Back

Power is here to stay!

The resilient Power Back is resistant to all kinds of indentation while the PU topcoat protects it against stains and wear. Power backs sophisticated and elegant designs let us be inspired by the sharp lines of the city and the timeless elegance of natural materials. 

Check out these powerful collections with an extra matt finish, for people who are sure of what their interior should look like.

Comfort Back

Welcome home!

Comfort collections have a polymer foam backing with excellent sound-absorption qualities and a warm feel – very comfortable to walk on. Plain or patterned, discrete or full of colour, nostalgic or modern, everyone is free to follow their own personal feeling, and to change their mind. Comfort collections are timeless and budget-friendly. Comfort is the solution.

Comfort understands that people’s tastes, requirements and wishes change and offers the right solution time and again.

Textile Backing

The secret lies in the Textile backing!

Loose laid, it is easy to fit, just roll it out and cut to shape - it will cover any minor imperfections in the sub-floor! The textile backing is also sound absorbent and provides a useful extra layer of thermal insulation, which makes it perfect for renovations or for use in older buildings. Beautiful, warm and comfortable, what more could you ask from a floor.

With a selection of ranges to choose from, textile backed vinyl flooring, has the perfect solution for every domestic setting.

Choose your vinyl by style

Vinyl floor planks

Wood effect vinyl

Complete with mineral streaks, knots and grain detail. Wood effect vinyl can be extremely realistic. Available in almost any wood type from a rough sawn timber or a steamed beech, to an impressive fumed oak, in every timber shade, plank detail and finish. Some even have an embossed surface replicating further realism, especially when walked on with bare feet. The beauty of all wood effect vinyl flooring is the minimal on-going maintenance compared to a real wood floor.

Stone effect vinyl

Timeless elegance, stone effect vinyl flooring is extremely versatile and comes in a range of classic styles to suit both modern or traditional homes. Stone effect vinyl will enhance the look and feel of any room and compliment almost any kind of décor or colour scheme. Unlike natural stone that can be cold, slippery when wet and expensive to install, stone vinyl flooring is warm to the touch, slip resistant and soft underfoot making it the perfect affordable alternative.


Plain vinyl

Mono, plain colour flooring can make a huge impression on a home. Whether you choose a neutral tone like light grey or cream for your floor or adopt a bright stand out colour like red or purple, a plain vinyl floor will form a wonderful foundation for any room and allow you to create your own personal space. The blend of colour, versatility and price makes our range of plain vinyl flooring a great asset for your home.

Patterned vinyl

With an abundance of new designs be launched on a regular basis, it can be challenging to find a floor that suits your requirements and fits in your price bracket. With a host of possibilities ranging from geometric to mosaic designs, patterned vinyl is a trendy, flexible and affordable option to achieve the look you require. Infuse a room with a sense of sumptuous luxury. Invoking the elegance of a stylish interior, these imaginative vinyl floors can elevate the style and sophistication of any space.

Chessboard vinyl flooring style

Tile effect vinyl

Could it be better than the real thing? Tile effect sheet vinyl flooring gives the impression of an expensive tiled floor but without the hefty price tag. Always wanted your own slate floor, or had visions of replicating that marble tiled bathroom you saw on holiday but its just out of your price range? Available in a plethora of designs including granite, stone, marble or slate tiles, vinyl flooring will give you the look you crave at a fraction of the cost. Instead of cold solid tiles, vinyl flooring feels warm to the touch and is soft to walk on. What’s not to like?

Commercial vinyl

First impressions count! And that applies to your business, don't let your floor let you down. While it's your embellishments, walls and decor that catches viewers’ attention, it is often your flooring that manages to hold that attention the longest. Commercial flooring should add instant style, comfort, durability and a professional touch to your space. Undoubtedly, vinyl flooring is such a product that can meet all your commercial expectations. It is slip resistant, durable and it comes in wide assortment of colours, styles, textures and designs. It can be imitated to give incredibly realistic replication of natural materials.

Digital print vinyl

Unique prints with no visible pattern repeat. Thanks to the flexibility of the digital printing process, it is now possible to manufacture tailor-made designs to suit you. The print quality, backing and finish is equivalent to our stock ranges and there is the added benefit of having no visible pattern repeat.The possibilities are endless. With digital printing the possibilities are endless. Whatever you want to achieve you can. There really are no limits, from corporate monograms for commercial interiors to giant tiles for the kitchen or cartoon characters for the floor of a child's bedroom.

Funky vinyl

Vinyl flooring is available in plenty of bright and playful patterns that will allow your children creativity to explore and their imagination to run wild, bestowing them a beautiful and memorable room to grow up with. Children’s bedrooms serve a host of demands. A haven to play, learn and rest. So, it is important that your design assimilates practicality and functionality. From a toddler’s nursery to a teenagers lair, choose funky vinyl flooring to infuse a sense of wonder into any room.

Choose your vinyl by price 

Budget Vinyl

If you are looking to spruce up a room without it costing the earth then these vinyls are ideal for you. We can offer a solution for everyone, from discontinued lines to a full range of luxurious and contemporary cushion vinyl. All our vinyl flooring is heavily discounted so you always get more for your money at Flooring Direct.

Shop budget vinyl flooring

We offer a wide selection of quality vinyls and lino in this price category. We find this price level to be very popular amongst a lot of our customers. Whilst we can offer you top end luxury vinyl flooring and low cost budget options, all of our flooring rolls are heavily discounted. Don't miss out, order a sample today.

 Shop essential vinyl flooring

Infuse your home with luxury and comfort. Make a statement, be bold or create a cosy ambience in your living room, our premium vinyls are practical, comfortable and deluxe. We have hundreds of colours and styles to choose from. At Flooring Direct you can expect outstanding quality at an unbeatable price!

 Shop premium vinyl flooring

Expect thicker wear layers, embossed surfaces  and tough durable backing. These luxury vinyls are suitable for high traffic and commercial areas. The simple maintenance of luxury vinyl along with excellent sound and heat insulation properties ensures that luxury vinyl flooring is a super, cost effective alternative to the real stone or wood flooring. 

Shop luxury vinyl flooring

Underlay and flooring accessories 

Guide to vinyl underlay

Underlay guide

We have underlay to suit any budget, room and flooring type including carpet, artificial grass, laminate flooring and LVT. Click here to find out about the importance of underlay and how in can benefit your flooring.

Flooring accessories guide

Usually you will require some form of accessories to add the finishing touches to your new floor. Click here to find out more about what accessories are applicable to you.

Vinyl care and fitting guides 

Professional vinyl flooring fitters

Find a local fitter to you with the help of the NICF directory of quality professional carpet and floor fitters, a highly respected organisation within the industry and is active in promoting the skilled floor layer.

Vinyl floors require maintenance to optimise wear life, performance and appearance retention. This guide explains the basic principles of vinyl flooring maintenance.

If you are a 'hands on' person and wish to fit your new vinyl flooring yourself then this guide will help you to understand the fitting procedures and advice to help you along the way.