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Buying your new floor from Flooring Direct will usually mean that you have just saved around 50% when compared to buying from a retail store this is primarily due to our low overheads and huge buying power.  We simply pass on the huge savings to our customers.

Another part of this is cost saving process is fitting, often when buying from a store they will arrange a fitter for you but it will usually be at an extra cost. Most fitters these days work for themselves but sub contract to various carpet and flooring stores. The store will usually add on an administration cost for arranging the fitter for you. At Flooring Direct we only supply the materials but we can provide you with contact details for fitters in your area. You will simply just need to call them to arrange the fitting and this is often cheaper than letting the store do it for you. 

Finding a fitter local to you

The NICF, National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers (formerly the National Institute of Carpet Fitters), was formed in 1979.

The aim of the NICF was to promote excellence within the field of carpet fitting, understanding and awareness of the British Standards Code of Practice for the installation of textile floor coverings, and to provide assurance of quality of workmanship to the public.

The NICF is a highly respected organisation within the flooring industry and is active in promoting the skilled floorlayer and is an easy place to find an approved fitter local to you.

Click the following link to be redirected to the NICF website http://www.nicfltd.org.uk

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