Care Guide for Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Maintenance

So you must be here because you have invested in the new artificial grass movement that is sweeping the UK, one thing you can be assured of there will be no more hard maintenance of your artificial grass lawn. There will however be a little bit of light maintenance involved once per month to keep your grass looking and feeling new. It will also increase the longevity and life of your new artificial grass so your children and pets get the experience they deserve.

How to clean and maintain your Artificial Grass 

Cleaning and maintenance of the artificial grass is important however this doesn’t need to be done every day which is one of the main reasons for your investment no doubt. Minor things like surface dirt will be washed away very easily however it would require a hosing down once per week to maintain the lovely look – everything needs a little care and attention of course.

1) Maintenance of the Lawn by removing general debris and garden leaves is one of the things you should add to your regular maintenance time with the grass.

2) Surrounding hedges, plants and trees should be maintained close by to limit the amount of general debris that lands on the grass through the course of nature.

3) A weed killer is something that will take care of the area and should be applied twice a year maybe at the end of certain seasons but will stop any weeds growing.

4) Pets and their behaviours are common questions in relation to your grass. How should you maintain your grass from these situations? This problem can be avoided by sprinkling baking soda on a particular area of the grass along with a solution of diluted water and the ever so important vinegar to dull the odours.

Artificial Grass is perfect all year round

Removal of Hardened and tough stains from your Artificial Grass

Stains and cleaning; keeping things looking fresh and new are one of life’s everyday occurrences. You only need basic maintenance with our grass, but here’s some tips to help you stay on target with how to clean your artificial grass.

Before a spillage or stain has chance to affect the artificial grass, act quickly and approach it straight away.

Soak any spillages with either a clean cloth or towel to soak up the initial issue. 

If there happens to be a stain or a mark, use warm water and a little bit of cleaning product. Apply it to the area of grass in question and it should remove the stain relatively quickly.

The bristles of the grass need the most love and attention. The more potent stains really tend to be the everyday things like pet mess.

Things sometime happen when you cannot clean up straight away and a stain may harden. Just take a deep breath and reach for the hot water!! 

Prevention of weed intrusion 
Apply weed killer solution to maintain the grass at least twice a year
Regular maintenance of the grass like raking 
Weeds removed as quickly as possible 
Making sure the fibres of the artificial lawn is kept in the same direction that Flooring Direct supplied it to you in – simply brush the grass in the right direction it needs to go.
Here at Flooring Direct weed membranes are available and are a great way to help maintain and care for your artificial grass. Things like weed growth through the underside of the artificial grass is a serious thing. The care of the artificial grass starts at the installation and laying the right foundations to make sure you have done all your prevention in preparation for the finished installation.
You can plant flowers on artificial grass

The easy way to maintain your new artificial lawn

Treating the new artificial grass is an important stage to maintaining the look and feel of the grass but have a quick read of ways to look after your new investment for your garden.

Artificial grass is pet-friendly flooring

Keeping Fibres and the weekly brushing of Grass

Flooring Direct agrees that your new turf or lawn whichever you prefer needs brushing which should be done at least once a week, make sure to treat it with care. 

The best brush for the job is a medium, soft bristle brush, which will be gentle enough on the grass while still doing its work.

Following extensive research and testing on many of our Artificial Grass products the best results would be achieved by using a bristles that are soft on a medium sized brush which will be sufficient to get you the desired result but will not damage the grass.


Removal and tips to clean your turf of unwanted debris and leaves

Use a normal leaf blower for the quickest way to get rid of any leaves on artificial turf.

If you can, remove your leaves on a day when the wind is blowing in the direction you want the leaves to go, or on a day with no breeze.

Dry leaves are easier to remove with a blower than wet ones.

Leaf blowers are one of the quickest and well tested way’s to take away leaves and general everyday debris on most artificial turf and lawns.

Unfortunately wet leaves and debris will not shift as easily as dry ones, but it still requires minimal effort so do not panic the maintenance is easy as long as you follow the Flooring Direct guide.

Sweeping artificial grass

The benefits to Artificial Grass

Eating in the back garden with artificial grass

The best thing about artificial grass is that you never have to cut your lawn again! Other reasons why you should invest in artificial grass are:

Decrease in water bills 

Enjoying the scenery and surroundings of your garden – No more cutting you see!

Confidence that your children and pets will enjoy the new lawn

No more muddy garden space,  Artificial Grass is designed to drain excess water quickly

The sun does not play a factor and will not fade the artificial grass you have installed

No worries about appearance, as long as its maintained it will look fresh and green all your round

Long lasting product lifespan

If you need inspiration when choosing your Artificial Grass and cannot decide which range to order Free Samples to make up your mind.


Tips on Artificial Grass


Regularly brush the artificial grass in the correct direction being opposite of the artificial fibre

Leaf blowers are a good investment and should definitely be used to help remove leaves if not use a rake or brush.

Trim hedges and trees often to limit the amount of leaves falling onto the lawn

Prevent the risk of surrounding issues and overgrowth leading to more leaves and debris being left on the Artificial Grass by trimming and looking after your whole garden

Again to prevent make sure you apply weed killer to the whole lawn to stop weeds growing and affecting the grass long term, this should be done twice a year.

Use one of Flooring Directs artificial lawn spray to clean the mess left by your pets


Leave stains to settle — and don’t rub them!

If a stain hardens – treat with care and don’t rough up your artificial grass. Apply a solution or whatever meets the requirement of the situation.

Keep away from heat sources in the common realms of the garden, barbecues and fire pit.

Do not leave hedge trimmers and other garden appliances on the grass.

Sharp tools and instruments shouldn’t be used on the grass.

Do not have motored vehicles parked on the grass.

All year round maintenance of your Artificial Grass

We like to think we have all the answer, here at Flooring Direct we have some tips and tricks from our years of supplying artificial grass to share with you on how to keep the appearance of your grass looking the best it can.

Fire Prevention

Flooring Direct understand this may sound obvious but is very serious, fires, hot ashes (from cigarettes or barbecues) must be prevented as much as you can.

Storage of Heavy Appliances and Items

Yes, heavy items such as tables and chairs can be placed on your artificial lawn. You should use a type of castor under the legs to spread the weight out to prevent any damage to the artificial grass. Having large pieces of furniture can temporarily flatten your grass, but once you move whatever was in that spot, it should come back up if given enough time. Move furniture around too, change it up!

Maintenance and damage prevention to your Artificial Grass is so important and as suppliers of grass and being experts in the field we know larger items may be located on the grass itself. Things like tables and chairs even flower pots in specific places on the grass may cause the grass to flatten due to the weight. If furniture can be relocated and put away in a garden shed when not in use, then great.

Be sure to follow all the steps and Flooring Direct are confident in saying the longevity of your artificial grass is taken care of.

If your questions have not been answered on how to maintain and look after your grass then please get in touch today.

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