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Care Guide for Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Maintenance

You must be here because you have invested in the current artificial grass movement that is sweeping across the UK! One thing you can be assured of, is that there will be no more long, hard maintenance required for the upkeep of your new artificial grass lawn. Weeding, mowing and trimming are processes of the past, from here on out you can expect only a little bit of light maintenance involved once a month to keep your synthetic grass looking and feeling new. This will increase the longevity and life of your new artificial grass, so the whole family (including pets) get the garden experience they deserve.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Artificial Grass 

This low-maintenance grass alternative sells itself, as simple, trouble-free gardening is undoubtedly one of the many reasons for your investment. However, cleaning and maintaining your artificial grass is still important, though it doesn’t need to be carried out every day.  You can rely on mother nature to wash and blow away any surface dirt on a rainy or windy day, so routine maintenance of your artificial lawn is already covered. Although, every lawn needs a little care and attention here and there, so hosing down your synthetic grass can help to maintain 

1) Removing garden leaves and general debris is one of the few maintenance procedures you should add to your garden sprucing regime when caring for your artificial grass.

2) Maintenance of surrounding hedges, plants and trees should be kept on top of, limiting the amount of debris that lands on the grass through the course of nature.

3) Investing in a natural weed killer will take care of any affected areas of your fake grass. Applying this twice a year at the start of the spring and summer seasons should prevent any weeds from growing.

4) Keeping your synthetic lawn clean and free from any mess left by your pets, isn't a cause for concern. Issues surrounding bad odours, stains and general mess can be avoided by sprinkling baking soda on the affected area of the fake grass. This, along with a solution of diluted water and the ever so important vinegar, will be sure to dull the odours and restore your artificial grass to its original state.

Artificial Grass is perfect all year round

How To Remove Stains From Artificial Grass

Keeping your home looking new and feeling fresh is one of life’s everyday procedures, with cleaning and removing stains being no exception. Only basic maintenance is required for our range of artificial grass, but if stains do occur, here’s some tips to help you tackle them.

Before a spillage or stain has chance to settle or harden on the surface of the artificial grass, act quickly and clean it immediately. Soak up the initial spillage with a clean cloth or towel to remove the majority of it before it seeps through to the underlayer. 

If a stain has already set, mix some hot water with a light stain removing product and apply it directly to the affected area of synthetic grass. Leave the mixture to soak in and it should lift the stain instantly.

Be sure to steer away from harsh cleaning products when removing stains from your synthetic lawn, as the bristles of the grass need to be treated with care. 

Hot water can solve most cleaning disasters, so don't worry about day to day wear and tear of your artificial grass, its manufactured to withstand damage from these minor incidents.

Prevention Of Weeds
Apply weed killer solution at least twice a year to prevent weed growth.
Rake your artificial lawn.
Pull weeds out from the roots.
Ensure the artificial grass fibres are brushed in the same direction in which Flooring Direct supplied it in.
Here at Flooring Direct, we supply weed membranes which are a great way to help maintain and care for your artificial grass.
Issues like weed growth through the underside of the artificial grass are what you need to avoid. Caring for your artificial grass begins as soon as it is purchased and installed, so laying the right foundations ensures you are taking precautions to prevent and prepare for any issues that might arise.
You can plant flowers on artificial grass

The Easy Way To Maintain Your New Artificial Lawn

Providing the correct care for your new artificial grass is important to ensure it retains its fresh, natural look. Be sure to have a quick read of Flooring Directs suggestions on how look after your newest garden investment.

Artificial grass is pet-friendly flooring

Brushing Your Artificial Grass

Your new synthetic lawn requires a general brushing over to keep the bristles in tact and standing tall to replicate the features of natural grass.

This should be done whenever the illusion of real grass isn't exhibited and your artificial grass appears flattened.

At Flooring Direct, we are the artificial grass experts. We have carried out extensive research and testing on many of our artificial grass products to find the best brush to care for your lawn.

We have concluded that a medium, soft bristle brush, which will be gentle enough on the grass while still doing the job is the ideal artificial grass brushing tool.

Tips For Cleaning Artificial Lawn

Use a leaf blower for quick and easy removal of any leaves on the artificial turf.

Use a rake for any leaves or debris that remain.

Wait for a dry day - dry leaves are easier to remove than wet ones. 

• Hose down your lawn to remove and surface dirt that has settled

• Pay extra attention to areas that experience heavy traffic

Leaf blowers are one of the quickest and well tested ways to remove leaves and general debris on most artificial turf and lawns, so consider investing one when purchasing artificial grass.

Unfortunately wet leaves and debris will not shift as easily as dry ones, but it still requires minimal effort so do not panic, the maintenance is easy as long as you're following our guides.

Sweeping artificial grass

The Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Eating in the back garden with artificial grass

One of the major benefits of laying artificial grass in your garden is the promise of never having to mow your lawn again! Here are some other reasons as to why you should invest in artificial grass:

• Decreases the cost of your water bills 

• A perfectly pristine lawn all year round

• Family and pet-friendly

• No more muddy garden space, our artificial grass is designed to drain excess water quickly

• No bleaching or fading caused by the sun

• No weeding, trimming or treating necessary 

• Long lasting product lifespan

If you are still undecided on whether to lay artificial grass in your garden, order some free samples today and choose your ideal lawn.

Tips On Caring For Artificial Grass


Brush your artificial grass in the correct direction - opposite to the artificial fibres.

Invest in a leaf blower if you want ultimate, efficient removal of settled leaves.

Trim hedges and trees often to limit the amount of leaves falling onto the lawn.

Prevent overgrowth of surrounding areas as it leads to more leaves and debris settling on the artificial grass.

Apply weed killer to your lawn to stop weeds from growing and affecting your grass.

Use one of Flooring Directs artificial lawn spray to clean the mess left by your pets. 


• Leave stains to settle - and don’t rub them! 

• Leave stains to harden!

• Keep near heat sources like barbecues and fire pits.

• Use hedge trimmers or any other heavy-set garden appliances on your artificial grass.

• Sharp tools and instruments shouldn’t be used on the grass.

• Do not park motored vehicles on the synthetic lawn.

General Maintenance Of Your Artificial Grass

At Flooring Direct, we can provide the answer to any questions you have about artificial grass. After many years of supplying artificial grass, we have learnt some useful tips and tricks that we want to share with you to ensure your grass retains its organic feel and fresh form. 

Fire Prevention

Flooring Direct wants to prevent any damage or harm coming to our customers and your artificial lawn, so take extra care when lighting BBQ’s, fires or handing any hot ash on your grass. 

Heavy Structures And Furniture

Heavy set structures like garden furniture and playset frames can be placed on your artificial grass without causing any long-term changes to your lawn. Using a castor underneath the legs of said structures can aid in evenly distributing the weight to create a sturdier frame. 

Minor changes in your garden like repositioning your flower pots every now and then will prevent repetitive flattening on areas of your synthetic grass. Although these furnishings can temporarily flatten your artificial grass, once they are moved and the grass has been brushed, its natural features are restored, leaving you with a pristine lawn. In turn, this will increase the longevity of your artificial grass as regular replacements will not be necessary.

If your questions on how to maintain and look after your artificial grass have not been answered, then please get in touch today at info@flooringdirectuk.co.uk.

Replacing Your Lawn With Artificial Grass

Is the grass in your garden looking a little worse for wear? Or has your artificial lawn come to the end of its lengthy lifespan? It may be time to invest in one of our artificial lawns that guarantees a fresh look all year round. Browse our variety of high-quality, low maintenance artificial grass and have a read of our artificial grass buying guide for advice on choosing the right one.

At Flooring Direct, we have a huge range that caters for every taste. Check out our full range and guides and if you’re still undecided, why not order some free samples directly to your door? Flooring Direct will help you make the right choice.