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Our Artificial Grass Buying Guide


Discover our informative ‘Artificial Grass Buying Guide’.

A fresh green lawn is one of the simple pleasures in life, but is it always that simple? At Flooring Direct, we know that achieving and maintaining real grass is not always as easy as it seems. Natural turf can suffer from discolouration, dead spots, and thinning. Plus, it is a huge hassle and expense to upkeep. So, perhaps an easy to maintain faux turf is the way forward?

If you are contemplating purchasing Artificial Grass for your outdoor space, you have come to the right place. Our Artificial Grass Buying Guide takes the reader through all elements necessary: areas of use, style, pricing, guides and our fantastic range of accessories

So, read on to explore our range and learn more about the world of Artificial Grass with Flooring Direct.


Choosing Your Artificial Grass by Area



 For the Garden

 Seeing a fresh, healthy-looking garden makes us all feel happy. So, imagine having that feeling all the time. Well, Flooring Direct can make this reality with our huge range of Artificial Grass.

With prices starting from just £4.99 m² our artificial turf is not only beautiful but cost effective too. Remember, artificial grass requires much less maintenance, so say goodbye to excessive water bills, expensive mower repairs and environmentally damaging pesticides. 


 For the Balcony

When we picture a balcony, we think of a cosy space, perfect for chilling and enjoying that picturesque view. 

Our Artificial Grass is a great option for balcony flooring as it is suitable for use outdoors, meaning any exposure to weather will not be an issue. 

Faux turf also offers a soft feeling underfoot, the addition of bright colour and low maintenance. So, why wait any longer? 


 For Commercial Uses

Artificial Grass is not only great for family home usage, but commercial purposes too. Think shop windows, café floors and crazy golf turf. Our Artificial Grass is perfect for such uses, as it is durable to cope with the heavy foot traffic of commercial use.

While Artificial Grass may seem an unusual choice, it offers a colourful, non-slip and low-maintenance flooring. This is perfect for those looking to jazz up a space, whilst minimalize the time needed to keep it looking fresh. 

Though Flooring Direct know that artificial grass is great for gardens, balconies and commercial uses, its potential is limitless. Playgrounds, swimming pool surrounding, traffic roundabouts/ verges and residential lawns, our faux turf is a great choice.


Choosing Your Artificial Grass by Price


If you are in the market for low-cost artificial grass, our budget range is the perfect fit for you. 

Our Budget artificial grass range features our budget friendly Artificial Grass, all of which can be purchased for under £8 per meter squared. Say hello to quality grass, for an unbelievable price.

The Flooring Direct essential range offers natural looking artificial grass without breaking the bank. 

For only £8-£12 per meter squared, our essential grass offers incredible pile height and quality. So, why not click here to discover more?

As suggested by its name, our premium grass is the more luxe products we have on offer at Flooring Direct. 

Incredibly soft underfoot, unbelievably natural in appearance and offering a guarantee of up to 15 years, this range is sure to provide a deluxe feel to any outside space.


Choosing Your Artificial Grass by Design



Classic and Natural

 Bring a traditional, authentic feeling to your outside space with our Classic and Natural’ range of Artificial Grass. A fantastic addition to any chosen area, our Faux Turf is realistic in appearance, durable, soft underfoot and cost-effective. Get your very own sample box for FREE today.


Deluxe and Life-like

 Encapsulating our most premium Artificial Grass products, our ‘Deluxe & Life-like’ range is bursting full of elegance and style. Perfect for any area in or outside the home, our faux turf is not only easy on the eye but on the bank account too! See what this range can bring to your very own space by clicking here.


Fun and Eccentric

Feeling brave? If so, this daring Artificial Grass range is brimming with colour and excitement perfect for whatever area your heart desires. Our ‘Fun and Eccentric’ range is a great fit for those feeling bold and adventurous. Soft to touch and durable for heavy foot traffic, you can be sure to find your adventurous new Artificial Grass with Flooring Direct


Your Artificial Grass



Artificial Grass Care Guide

Once your Artificial Grass is fitted and in use, it is crucial to ensure you are caring for it in the right way, to avoid any damage.

Click here to visit our Artificial Grass Care Guide to discover how you can maintain a perfect lawn with Flooring Direct.


Artificial Grass Fitting Guide

Fitting your own Artificial Grass may seem a scary prospect, however it can save you hundreds of pounds in the long run. 

So, why not visit our easy-to-read Artificial Grass Fitting Guide and give it a go yourself?  


More Information


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