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Why opt for Artificial Grass?

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

If you struggle to find the time, patience or skill to maintain a luscious fresh garden, why not consider Artificial Grass? After all, recent developments have meant that it has become near impossible to tell the difference between faux turf and natural grass.

At Flooring Direct, we have a huge range of artificial grass just waiting to be fitted into your outdoor space. Click here to discover our range today.


Artificial Grass Benefits


Stunning appearance.

At Flooring Direct we have such a huge array of Artificial Grass styles on offer. So, whether you decide to opt for bright and bold grass or something a little more natural and neutral, we will have the perfect lawn for you.

Whichever Flooring Direct grass you decide to opt for, you can be sure it will offer a beautiful, fresh appearance all year round. Plus, you will never have to worry about patchy grass, thinning lawn or turf disease ruining your flawless garden aesthetic!


Artificial Grass is very easy to keep clean, making it a great investment for homeowners who have pets. It is soft under paws, avoids muddy pawprints and no harmful chemicals are needed, which could cause harm your furry friends.

Cleaning up pet mess is also made simpler with Flooring Direct Artificial Grass, as pet urine is able to flow through the grass' perforated backing and solid waste is much easier to see and pick up.



Reduces Allergens.

Around 10 million people in the UK suffer from hay fever. Sadly, this can make time outdoors unbearable for some. Missing out on time with family and friends during the summer can even become the norm for some who suffer terribly with hay fever.

So, if you too struggle with hay fever why not consider our Artificial Grass? It traps far less dust, pollen and other allergy-causing debris that is found in natural grass. Have a look at our huge range for inspiration today.



Artificial Grass is perfect for families with children as it is durable and super soft under feet and hands. Little ones can play to their hearts content, without the adults having to worry about grass or mud stains ruining brand new clothing.

Plus, the amount of time saved from maintaining real grass can be better spent on precious family time. So, if Flooring Direct Artificial Grass  has interested you, click here and visit our wide array of child-friendly grass.

Low Maintenance.

Natural grass requires a huge amount of maintenance all year round. Watering, mowing, weeding and chemical treatments can all be required, all of which require a lot of time, money and commitment. 

So, if you are too busy or physically unable to handle all this upkeep whilst loving the fresh green appearance of a grass lawn; perhaps our Artificial Turf could be the perfect fix. To check out our huge selection today simply click here.




Environmental Benefits.

Real turf isn't as environmentally friendly as some believe. Staggeringly, it is estimated that up to 75% of residential water is used solely to irrigate natural grass in the summer. Furthermore, the chemicals sometimes used on natural grass are environmentally detrimental.

Flooring Direct believe that the time saved on upkeeping your natural lawn can be put into environmentally friendly flower beds and vegetable patches, great for pollinating insects and reducing your carbon footprint.


Easy to fit.

Fitting your own grass can save you upwards of £300. So, why not give it a go yourself? We have an easy to follow fitting guide on our page, perfect for providing those simple instructions to fit your own grass and save those coins! 

Whichever Flooring Direct Artificial Grass you decide to opt for, it is sure to be super easy to fit. Remember, for any help throughout the process check out our fabulous range of Artificial Grass Accessories.


Low in cost.

 Our stunning range of Artificial Grass is incredibly affordable, starting from just £4.99m². At Flooring Direct, we have quality faux turf for all budgets and all styles. 

 Plus, Artificial Grass will significantly reduce your garden costs. Say goodbye to the costs of running a mower, watering your grass during the summer months or acquiring the chemicals needed to keep your grass in tip top condition.

Good investment.

Artificial Grass is not expensive when you consider the complete transformation it offers an outside space. Although it may be a cost initially, Artificial Grass is an incredible investment. This is because it adds value to your home and reduces bills significantly. 

 Our customers often find that they save money on water, pesticides, grass seeds and the cost of running a mower. Plus, you can't put a price on the time you save on maintaining your garden that can be spent elsewhere.