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View our full range of flooring accessories to ensure your floors are fitted and cared for correctly. We can guarantee quality and longer lifelines for your flooring by employing these accessories and applying their uses to our variety of flooring. Flooring Direct is committed to providing the perfect finish to your floors, so we stock profiles, underlay, metals, tapes, gripper and much more! Our range can supply for all your flooring needs.

From installation equipment that is essential when it comes to fitting your floors, to adding the finishing touches and completing the overall look, our range of flooring accessories can provide for you. No floor will be left unfinished, and no jobs will be done in halves, at Flooring Direct we can assure you that flooring your home on a budget can be done to a professional standard without cause for concern.

Peruse our wooden and laminate flooring accessories that neaten and conceal by adding a trim around the perimeter of your floors. Or if carpet is what you're interested in, check out our underlay which is tailored to comfort and heat insulation. We also supply any general flooring essentials like tools and adhesives for fitting your flooring. You can read up on how to fit and lay our flooring in our Flooring Direct Fitting Guides.

Wood and Laminate Accessories 

Our wood and laminate flooring accessories provide the finishing touches to your floor, leaving you with a clean cut, professional finish.

Raw and unfinished solid profiles that allow you to wax, polish, oil and lacquer the surface as you desire. 

The moisture resistant adhesives used to manufacture our laminate profiles ensure an elongated life span.

Ranging from 1.5mm-5mm in thickness, our wood and laminate underlay levels and insulates your floors.

A selection of scotia beading in over 20 different colours to match various styles and designs.

Carpet Accessories 

Our carpet accessories will aid you throughout the fitting process and provide you with all of the essential extras that become a necessary purchase when ordering carpet. 

Our carpet gripper is made from high grade bonded plywood and comes pre-nailed, suitable for all carpet types.

Our premium carpet metals come in an alternative range of colours as well as matte finishes to add a luxurious finish to your floors.

We stock budget underlay suitable for all carpets to protect it from excess wear and impact damage.

Flooring Directs carpet metals prevent carpets from fraying by joining it to hard surfaces.

Flooring Essentials 

When it comes to fitting flooring, Flooring Direct can provide all the necessary equipment you will need.

Our coir matting is made up of naturally sourced fibres from coconut husks attached to a PVC backing.

Shop our flooring tools and prepare for the floor fitting process!

Purchase all the essential accessories you will need to fit and maintain your artificial grass.

Flooring Directs adhesive products are suitable for bonding to most floor surfaces including concrete, stone, ceramic tile and wood.

Our selection of Rugs and Mats cater for all, our coir matting providing the perfect entranceway for every home.

Flooring Accessories 

Flooring Directs flooring accessories are here to add the finishing touches and aid you in the fitting process as well as maintaining and caring for your floors. Each product has its own description detailing the properties and uses of each accessory to ensure you are well informed and aware of the features that you will need to know when it comes to flooring. From laminate flooring profiles to carpet underlay and artificial grass accessories, Flooring Direct can provide for all of your flooring needs. All households will have a use for our flooring accessories so have a browse and find all the essentials here.

From natural materials to hard metals and real wood, our range of accessories are made up of all different materials to cater to each corner and crevice of your floors. Our accessories come in a variety of colours to match all different interiors and personal styles, so you'll be sure to find the perfect fit for you. We take all precautions to ensure the longevity of our products, including moisture resistant adhesive when manufacturing certain accessories.

Our sonic gold underlay, carpet protector and scotia beading are some of our best selling flooring accessories and come highly recommended by our customers, assuring you that our low cost yet high quality products are deemed as must have accessories! Our customer service team are here to answer any questions that you may have about any of our products, so if you're unsure about which accessories you need, don't hesitate to contact us.