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What is 'Carpet Pile'?


The ‘pile’ type of a carpet describes the way in which the individual fibres are interlocked together to create a particular carpet texture and appearance. There are a varied selection of carpet pile types available within the flooring market, meaning that it can be confusing to decipher between each and identify which one will be the perfect #FlooringDirectFit for your home.

Though an element of which many customers tend to overlook, the pile type of a carpet is incredibly important. This is because the pile, alongside the fibre type, will dictate the features of the carpet. Generally, a close-knit pile will be hard-wearing and dense, whilst a looser pile may be fluffier, however more delicate underfoot. The pile type suitable for individual homes will completely depend upon the look and quality preference of the owner.

To discover which pile type is the right one for you, continue reading. 

Berber Pile Carpet

Berber Carpet Pile Features

Berber Carpet has stain resistant qualities, perfect for a family with pets and children who tend to make a little more mess.
Berber Carpet offers an affordable flooring option, while providing no compromise on quality, great for those on a budget.

Berber Carpet is incredibly hard-wearing, making it a popular option for both commercial and residential areas.
Berber Carpet is easy to clean and vacuums well, as it leaves no footprints or vacuum marks. This helps the carpet retain a new and fresh appearance.


Berber carpets come in many different textures and offer a great blend of style, sturdiness and flexibility. This makes them a popular choice for all areas of the home. The use of a berber pile makes for an affordable carpet that is also both stain-resistant and hard wearing, both of which are highly acclaimed qualities for a carpet.

Interestingly, the origin of berber carpet dates back hundreds of years to North Africa and the Sahara. Hand spun berber cloth was created by ‘Berber autochthones’ for each individual tribe, and was used for traditional gowns, rugs and other fabrics. 

Nowadays, the durable nature of berber has resulted in its replication across the globe, especially for use within carpet manufacturing. Due to its hard-wearing material properties, berber carpet is often the top choice for commercial spaces such as offices and schools. However, it is also a popular choice for family homes as it is stain-resistant and is usually an affordable carpet option.

At Flooring Direct, we offer berber carpet in an abundance of enchanting designs, shades, and textures. So, whether you are looking for a stylish grey carpet or a soft cream carpet, we have you covered.  


Loop Pile Carpet

Loop Carpet Pile Features

Loop Pile carpet is highly resistant to staining, great for homes with furry friends or little ones who like making a little bit of mess. 
Loop Pile carpet is also highly resistant to crushing, meaning that nice thick pile will stay fluffy for much longer.

Loop Pile carpet is hard-wearing and durable, so great for busy homes or areas with heavy foot traffic such as the stairs or living room. 

Loop Pile carpet is available in both a flat and textured appearance, giving you even more options when it comes to choosing the look you want.


Loop Pile carpet is available in many styles, offering a plain or more intricate design for you to choose between. Often favoured for use on the stairs, in hallways or other heavy traffic areas, Loop Pile carpet offers low maintenance and quick cleaning properties - great for those with clumsy tendencies. 

Loop carpet is created by weaving together whole loops or yarn. Loop pile carpet can be made to be textured (by weaving the loops of yarn at different heights) or flat (by weaving the loops of yarn at a set height throughout). The latter creates a subtle and simplistic effect, whilst a textured weave creates a more interesting and intricate appearance.

As mentioned above, loop Pile carpet is easy to clean. In fact, the loops of the pile actually protect against stains by preventing them from soaking into the carpet. However, if the stains do manage to penetrate the carpet, loop pile can withstand most cleaning methods and products. For example, loop carpet can withstand most professional machinery and even strong chemicals. This is especially ideal if you are after a light shade of carpet, but are worried about the odd, unavoidable stain here and there. 

Within the Flooring Direct range of loop pile carpet, you can find a huge selection of different colours and textures. Whether you are after a fresh living room carpet, or a bedroom carpet that will stand the test of time, we have you covered. 


Saxony Pile Carpet

Saxony Pile Features

Saxony Carpet is luxuriously soft underfoot, the perfect carpet for those seeking a little luxury for their toes. 

Saxony Carpet has an incredibly plush and deluxe appearance, great for those who want that fluffy and lavish look in their home. 

Saxony Carpet is available in a range of densities, providing the customer with plenty of choice (dependent upon their personal preferences). 
Saxony Carpet offers a uniform look across the whole carpet. This gives the home owner the ability to switch up interior décor, without having to worry about whether the carpet will be complementary. 

Saxony Pile

Saxony pile carpet features a soft cut pile with an even surface. A very popular choice for both living room carpet and bedroom carpet, the saxony pile creates an extremely soft, rich feel. Saxony carpet is often compared to its velvet counterpart, as it has a similar luxurious appearance and quality. 

The process of creating saxony carpet involves twisting fibres tightly, cutting them to length and then using heat to ensure the structure remains. The uniform shade and appearance throughout a saxony carpet is fantastic for those who enjoy switching up their interior design, as it will complement all furniture and décor. 

Saxony carpet is available in different densities, enabling the consumer to find their perfect fit depending upon their priorities. So, if top of your essential carpet properties list is a soft feeling underfoot, saxony carpet with a lower density may be a better fit. Whereas a denser saxony pile may be best if you value the longevity of your carpet.

At Flooring Direct, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Our carpet range is bursting with saxony pile carpet choices perfect for those looking to incorporate a little luxury within their home. 


Twist Pile Carpet

Twist Pile Carpet Features

Twist Pile Carpet is very hard wearing and so, is suitable for high traffic areas of the home such as the living room or stairs.
Twist Pile Carpet is easy to maintain and clean. Plus, the pile hides the minimal dust and dirt that will build up in between vacuum days.

At Flooring Direct, we offer Twist Pile Carpet in a huge variety of styles and shades. This provides our customers with even more choice.
Twist Carpet is an affordable flooring choice, while maintaining an excellent level of quality. This is perfect for those individuals on a budget. 

Twist Pile

Twist pile is an incredibly popular carpet featured in homes across the UK. It is suitable for most areas of the home as it is hard-wearing and easy to maintain. This is ideal for homes that need a long-lasting carpet that promises a stunning appearance. 

During the manufacturing process, fibres are twisted together very tightly to create the carpet, hence the name ‘twist pile’. This procedure gives the carpet a textured and rustic appearance, which is great for hiding dust in between vacuuming and cleaning days. 

Importantly, the tight twist formation also creates a hard-wearing carpet, as the pile is held together securely. This means that many of our customers opt for twist pile carpet in high traffic areas of the home, such as the living room, stairs or landing.

Twist pile carpet is available in many different styles across the Flooring Direct website. We have dark carpet for those after a little more depth and light shades for those after some brightness. So, whatever it is you are looking for, we are sure to have your perfect #FlooringDirectFit. 


Carpet Pile