Carpet Material: Polypropylene 


If you require a hard wearing floor surface that is capable of withstanding anything that life throws at it then a polypropylene carpet is the ideal decision. Polypropylene is a man made fibre and is so tough it even can be cleaned with a detergent bleach so is splendid for busy homes, particularly on the off chance that you have young children or family pets. 

Polypropylene is the most cost effective affordable type of man made fibre carpet and on the basis you select the correct sort of pile, can be utilised in pretty much any room of your home. In high traffic areas, it's recommended you purchase a higher quality, heavier weight polypropylene carpet. This averts the carpet becoming flattened after some time and appearing tired and more worn than it really is. 

Polypropylene used to be viewed as a less expensive carpet type for individuals on a limited budget, however throughout the years the most recent innovation has been used to build up the material and it presently has its own unique advantages that frequently make it a standout amongst the most practical flooring options available 

Not only can polypropylene carpet withstand the strains of the busy family environment it also retains its colour really well, the colourfastness of polypropylene carpet warrants it will not fade over a period of time, retaining its neat appearance for longer without becoming tired and worn.

Polypropylene carpets come in many different styles, textures and colours so you are sure to find a carpet that will suit your requirements, stripes work really well on polypropylene carpets due to their resilient hardwearing fibres that keep the design looking sharp and piercing, which makes them a popular choice for staircases. 

For a trendy , robust carpet that can stand up to the demands of a busy family home, take a look at our versatile selection of polypropylene carpets. 

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