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What is Carpet Fibre? 


In simple terms, the ‘fibre’ of a carpet is the type of material each strand (which makes up the carpet) is made from. Carpet fibre can be either man-made or natural, and at Flooring Direct we supply both- providing our customers with even more choice. This ensures all of our customers can find their perfect #FlooringDirectFit.

Though sometimes those in need of a new carpet can forget about such a seemingly small detail, the fibre a carpet is made from is actually incredibly important. This is because the carpet fibre will have a huge impact upon the features of the carpet and therefore, who it is best suited to. For example, natural fibre is more sustainable and so better for environmentally conscious individuals, whereas man-made fibre is usually a more cost-effective option for those on a budget. The one in which will be right for you will completely depend on where your priorities lie. 

To decipher the right fibre for your home, scroll and read on.



What Fibre types are there? 


At Flooring Direct, we love giving our customers plenty of choice when it comes to carpet.

Therefore, we have both man-made and natural carpet on offer, available in many different piles, shades and designs.


(Our man-made fibre of choice)


(Our natural fibre of choice)





If you are after a beautiful and quality carpet, look no further. The Flooring Direct range of polyproplene carpet caters for all, with so many different shades and pile types available. 

Polypropylene is the most cost-effective affordable type of man-made fibre carpet and can be utilised in most rooms of the home. In the past the only benefit of propylene carpet seemed be its low-cost properties. However, recent innovation means that this carpet has its own unique advantages that simply cannot be matched.

If you require a hard-wearing carpet that is capable of withstanding anything that life throws at it then a polypropylene carpet is the ideal choice. Polypropylene is incredibly durable and hard wearing (enough that this carpet can even be cleaned with a detergent bleach)! This tough carpet is therefore a splendid option for busy homes with pets and children who tend to enjoy making a mess.

Not only can polypropylene carpet withstand the strains of the busy family environment, but it also retains its colour incredibly well. The colourfastness of polypropylene carpet means that you can be sure no fading of that beautiful grey carpet will occur. This is again a great benefit of Flooring Direct polyproplene carpet, as it retains a neat appearance for longer without becoming tired and worn.

At Flooring Direct, we have Polypropylene carpets in many styles, textures and colours so you are sure to find a carpet that will suit your requirements. So, if you are after a new bedroom carpet or a fluffy floor for your living room, take a look at our versatile selection of polypropylene carpets. 

Benefits of Polyproplene Carpet


Stain resistant 

Hydrophobic (water resistant)

Retains colour well

Low in cost