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Glow in the Dark Artificial Grass

Set the trend with one of the latest developments in the artificial grass world. Glow Grass creates a luminescent glow that stays strong all night long without any power source!

Glow in the dark artificial grass from Flooring Direct can be installed both indoor and outdoor.  Special fibres within the construction of Glow Grass absorb energy from light, both natural and artificial. Once the light source is no longer present, the fibres which contain photo-luminescent pigments begin releasing their stored energy. The glow will last for twelve hours or longer, making it an incredibly viable self-generating ambient source of light. If that wasn’t enough, it only takes about 30 minutes to charge them up!

This artificial turf can be placed wherever you see fit, from pool surrounds, balconies, patios, decking, gardens, retail outlets, events and exhibitions and many more. Coming in a variety of sizes, glow in the dark grass is a unique, stylish and simple way to bring a different kind of light to your home or business.

Flooring Direct are market leaders when it comes to creativity and innovative ideas. We have worked closely with the manufacturers to develop this product so we can offer our customers exclusive and unique products at the right price that you simply cannot buy anywhere else. If you want to get your hands on this product then view our Glow Grass range today or request a free sample. For more information call our friendly sales team on 0800 6444 581