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Guide to buying artificial grass

Artificial Grass Buying Guide

The acceptance of artificial grass is growing. More and more of us are choosing the ease of an artificial lawn over the maintenance of a natural one. Just a few minutes of online research will enlighten you that there is now an immense array of artificial grass available on the market. With such a wide range of manufacturers and products, choosing the right artificial grass for your garden can feel like a daunting task. 

There are many different features that you should consider before making a purchase. Our exciting range of sustainable artificial grass provides a cost-effective, low maintenance alternative to natural grass which will ensure your outdoor spaces looks clean and fresh all year round.

We’ve put together a complete guide for buying artificial grass in the hope that it will expand your knowledge and help you to make the right choice when making a purchase.

Why choose artificial grass? 

Guide to buying artificial grass

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

If you struggle to find the time, patience or skill to maintain a lushes fresh green garden, consider artificial grass. Flooring Direct have invested time and money into research on the benefits of artificial grass and long gone are the days of ‘green carpet’, with recent developments making it increasingly difficult to tell whether your standing on fake or natural grass. Making it the perfect fit for homes in the UK.

Our experts have highlighted a few reasons why homeowners are choosing artificial grass for their garden, we hope you enjoy! And if you still have questions send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

The perfect garden all year round.

Natural grass requires a lot of maintenance - mowing, weeding and chemical treatments, all of which require time, money and commitment. Even if you can maintain its upkeep, your grass is going to be weather dependent meaning hot spells can leave the grass looking dry and yellow, while a large amount of rain will turn it muddy and patchy. Whereas with artificial grass leaves your garden looking perfect whatever the weather.


Artificial grass can put people off due to cost. But the truth is fake grass doesn’t cost a lot more than good quality turf per square meter. Actually saving you money in the long run as it doesn’t require any ongoing maintenance.


Artificial grass is perfect for children due to its durability and soft textures, making it the perfect choice for households with young children. Let’s not forget to mention… fake grass doesn’t get muddy, so there’s no reason the kids need to keep off the grass over winter!


Artificial Grass is very easy to keep clean, making it a great investment for homeowners who  have pets. Urine flows through the grass perforated backing and solid waste is much easier to pick up and clear than natural grass. Not to mention it helps to avoid muddy paw prints through your home!

Good for the environment.

It’s estimated that up to 75% of residential water is used to irrigate natural grass in the summer, not to mention pesticides used to keep the grass looking fresh. Artificial grass doesn’t require any additional maintenance or solutions to keep a healthy looking lawn. 

Reduces allergies

Around 10 million people in the UK suffer from hay fever, which makes time outdoors unbearable. This makes artificial grass the perfect choice for your garden, as it traps far less dust, pollen and other allergy-causing debris that is found in natural grass.

Flooring Direct has a team of experts ready to answer any of your questions about artificial grass and would be happy to assist you in purchasing the right type of grass for your garden.


Find your perfect artificial grass 

Chopping wood on artificial grass


Advances in recent years have seen the popularity of artificial grass grow rapidly, this is predominantly down to the fact it now looks and feels more like the real thing but without the maintenance. However, not all artificial grasses are the same height and density. The pile density has a significant bearing on the resilience and durability of an artificial lawn. The denser the pile the more durable the grass is likely to be. Good quality grass should be weighty, and the pile should be dense. In Europe, pile density is typically measured in stitches per square metre. For example, a good quality grass should have around 16,000 plus stitches per m2.

Freshly styled artificial grass

Pile Height

The pile height that you choose for your artificial lawn has an impact on both appearance and performance. It can affect three key areas: resilience, feel and aesthetics. It depends on its intended use as to what pile height to go for. Longer pile grasses will give a lush, luxurious look of a natural lawn. Shorter pile grasses can look neat and tidy like a freshly mown lawn and are more suitable for children and pets. Whether you want 7mm or a premium 50mm artificial grass, we will have the perfect pile height for your garden.

Realistic-looking artificial grass


There are fundamental parts to an artificial lawn, the grass blades and the colored material that imitates the dying blades of grass that occur in real grass known as the thatch. There is an immense range of colour combinations to choose from You could choose a pristine and vibrant green lawn or a more natural look with a combination of light and dark green blades with a caramel and brown thatch. With new technical advances in grass yarns it is becoming almost impossible to tell the difference from the real thing. We have a wide choice of colours from light to dark greens, vibrant to natural shades, as well as brightly coloured pink, yellow and purple grass, which is ideal for children’s play areas and exhibitions. Whatever you prefer we always recommend ordering a free sample to check the colour before you purchase.

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