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Choose from a range of stylish floors with Flooring Direct. Together with the customer, Flooring Direct can help the customer make a difference to their home. Modern and traditional floors available include vinyl flooring, laminate flooring and carpet. You could also think outside the box and be inspired by our wood flooring and artificial grass ideas. A lot of thought processes have gone into making artificial grass an indoor type of flooring, not just for the garden!

Modern Flooring Offers

With the modern and unique designs on offer at Flooring Direct, the company works hard to help customers, create, design and inspire its customers' homes. Whatever the type of building you are looking to renovate your build, we have a variety of flooring on offer. You don't have to be bold and feel the pinch in your pocket either. Flooring Direct offer customers and tradesman with the chance to purchase free samples of flooring and artificial grass, giving you a taste of what you are buying. 

Vinyl Flooring Inspiration

Vinyl flooring offers a stylish and modern look in your home, but an affordable price. Forget about the cheap lino flooring that used to be churned out by manufacturers 20 years ago, now lino and vinyl flooring are one of the most popular choices by customers for their flooring. By taking advantage of the Flooring Direct visualiser and understanding a bit more about the product with a free sample, you can visualise what it looks like in your home. If you want your floors to have a wooden effect or a tile effect, Flooring Direct will be able to offer you a vinyl floor that mimics this at a more affordable price. These types of flooring are more convenient for customers as they can be laid themselves, and the convenience of them means you do not have to lay it yourself.

Carpet Designs On Offer

Carpet is the most traditional type of flooring. Most homes will have carpet somewhere, more likely in the living room but there are a lot of people that take inspiration from new build homes and put all their eggs in one basket. This is when customers literally cover the whole house in the carpet, including the bathroom. Of course, our customer service team are able to provide advice and offer some inspiration, but at the end of the day, it is down to the customer. Have a look below at some more information on flooring but also have a browse of our carpet products page and see if you take any inspiration from some of the products on show. We would love to hear what you think!

Laminate Flooring Looks Spectacular 

If you are looking for stylish floors then please do look no further than laminate flooring. Laminate floors are slightly more expensive than vinyl floors and carpets but the style can be similar. If you want wooden plank laminate flooring for your hallway, you'll want to check out our Flooring Direct page. Ordering and supplying laminate planks and tiles from the best manufacturers around, customers across the UK are inspired by the products on offer. 

Essentially, laminate flooring is wood with a plastic layer on top to look after it, similar to engineered wood. If wooden floors have given you inspiration but budget is restricting you, then please do have a look around our laminate flooring section. With Flooring Direct you can choose the exact look and feel you need for your room at a cheaper price without compromising your appearance. Browse the pictures below and see how our customers and manufacturers make the most of their laminate floors. 

Thinking Outside the Box with Artificial Grass

If you ever needed any inspiration from our garden, then you should certainly check out our customers reviews about the artificial grass on offer. Having an artificial lawn will save you time, money and wastage on a multitude of things. Whether you are living in America or the UK artificial turf is a growing phenomenon. 

Across the UK Flooring Direct offer free delivery over £100 on artificial grass. Straight to your door, you do not even need to move from the sofa. Order some free samples to see what they would look like in your garden and make it colourful and pretty. Be inspired with products from Flooring Direct. 

The benefits of artificial turf are included below, so read them, have a look through and be inspired by the choices. There are also some customer reviews and pictures of artificial grass included. Be Inspired today.