Flooring Trends that have really caught the eye in 2022

Recently, there have been quirky and stylistic ideas complimenting people’s houses. However, you don’t have to be outlandish to make your home stand out. Thanks to the innovation of companies like Flooring Direct and laminate flooring distributors, your home can now be one of envy to your neighbours whilst still maintaining a calm and semantic feeling. Over the past 50 years, whilst the technology involved in vinyl flooring has come on leaps and bounds, both laminated flooring and artificial grass have come on even further. Here’s what we think has caught the eye in 2022 regarding common flooring trends.

Why are people choosing laminate flooring?

Many homeowners are opting for laminate flooring now. It is becoming the standard choice over the carpet. And not just because of its looks. It is inexpensive, durable and comes with an already finished look. The added benefit of how it arrives on your doorstep is that it doesn’t always require a fitter. If you are a daft hand at DIY or know someone, this click-style flooring is easy to put together. What’s not to love?

How do I go about choosing a laminate floor?

When putting together your laminate flooring, the hardest part is choosing which style and colour you want. First, you want a style that suits your home and stands out a little. Then, it is made a bit more complicated because there are two types of laminate floors – engineered wooden flooring and plastic laminate floors.

If you are expecting young children to be playing on the floor for health and safety reasons, you might want to opt for plastic laminate. However, engineered wood flooring is borne of a hardwood surface layer, so the fall might not be as graceful as it would on plastic laminate floors.

Where should you get your laminate flooring from?

It makes sense to get your laminate flooring from Flooring Direct, as you are already here! We stock a wide range of laminate floors and can get them distributed and delivered to you within days. For more information on our delivery and info, check out our delivery page.

We list everything to do with delivery and returns. You’ll be pleased to know that we offer a quick turnaround, from order to delivery. We hope to deliver laminate flooring to your address very soon!

What else does Flooring Direct have to offer?

Laminate flooring is not the only floor we want to recommend today, though. Flooring Direct are a keen advocate of artificial grass. From our most recent blog, those artificial lawns are environmentally friendly compared to a constantly mowed lawn. Not only does the fuel used in lawnmowers contribute to toxic emissions, but cut grass gives off excessive carbon dioxide. For more information on the toxicity of a freshly mown lawn, check out this recent article on artificial grass by Flooring Direct.

There are other aspects of artificial turf that make it so popular. As we’ve mentioned many times on our Flooring Direct blog, having artificial grass in your garden reduces the need for constant maintenance. It is also great for garden parties all year round. So, if you want to bring a new age to your garden, you need to see the benefits of an artificial lawn.

Artificial grass in different colours

Thinking of the bigger picture, some homeowners and even retail owners are even looking into different colours of artificial grass. For example, if you run a pet show (lesser models of Crufts etc.), pink artificial grass always goes down a treat. This is because the animals love it, and it adds a beautiful extra element to your show. In the same way, custom printed vinyl flooring works for exhibitions and trade shows, and various colours of artificial grass do precisely the same!

How can Flooring Direct help you?

Flooring Direct has a reputation for supplying you with everything you need to lay an artificial lawn. We deliver it to all your door which is the most important thing. You have to click on our website and make your purchase.

Throughout our store, you can get your hands on underlay for artificial grass, pegs, and, of course, the actual grass. If you’re unsure what grass would suit you best, check out our sample page. Before you buy it, you can try it and make sure you choose the suitable turf to suit your garden.

Honestly, if you’re looking to renovate your home and want to keep up with trends and styles, it is worth ordering some laminate flooring and artificial grass samples. Of course, this all depends on which parts of your house you are looking to renovate.

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