Why Hot Tubs and Artificial Grass are the perfect match…

Hot tubs and artificial grass go well together to create your dream garden

Are you ready for summer? If not, don’t fret; we’ve got some great ideas to help you get ready! All you need is a garden and the ambition to create a backyard space your neighbours will crave. Here’s a little bit about why Flooring Direct think artificial grass and hot tubs will make the perfect match this summer.

Artificial grass just works in summer…

The reputation of Artificial grass has grown over the years, and the results have been exponentially positive. In the same way that vinyl flooring has progressed with technological advancements, artificial lawns are now the go-to for plenty of people looking to spruce up their garden.

Gone are the days of plastic-looking, discoloured artificial turf. Now at Flooring Direct, we are proud to sell realistic, authentic-looking grass. It looks great in the summer and perhaps more importantly, it keeps that awesome look through the winter. So, don’t you worry about what the neighbours will think of your unkempt, mud-soaked garden; the maintenance is low and the visuals rank high.

Example of garden in summer. Replace grass with artificial lawn.

What can go on synthetic turf?

Picture the scene now… the sun is out and it’s gleaming off your fences. Your sunglasses are on, the temperature is rising, you’ve cracked open a bottle of wine or an ice-cold beer. Sounds amazing right? Well, now imagine all of this whilst you’re sitting in a hot tub! Perfect. It’s got us drooling at the thought!

Hot tubs and artificial grass together, as one, just makes sense. You don’t have to worry about overspill messing up your grass, and you won’t need to worry about the location of the hot tub murdering your natural grass.

Pretty much anything nowadays can go on an artificial lawn. They have become more pet-friendly than ever. When your pet answers to nature’s call, a simple wash away with a hose can do the trick, it’s so easy to clean! The materials that now make up synthetic turf are not as damaging to the environment as they once used to be. In fact, sustainable and environmentally friendly artificial grass can now be purchased from the Flooring Direct store.

Women lying in hot tub

So, can a hot tub go on artificial turf?

The reason artificial lawns and hot tubs are the perfect match is simple: They provide you with the ultimate summer experience for your back garden. If you’ve had a hot tub before, or have done your research on getting one, you will know that a hot tub can’t go on natural grass. It needs to be placed on a level surface. Unfortunately, grass is often uneven. However, artificial turf is different. When laying your artificial lawn, it needs to be laid on a level surface still, but this can be manipulated better than natural grass can.

Note: A hot tub can’t go on any artificial grass though. Nope. Ideally, it needs to be placed on drainable turf. So, when choosing which artificial turf to purchase from Flooring Direct, make sure it is drainable. Once you’ve found out it is, the hot tub and grass will just go together like a dream. Your summer garden AKA perfect paradise is very near to completion.

Another reason they work so well is that the turf won’t allow the water to sit and pool, leading to mosquitos in the summer. Plus, your hot tub is less likely to rot (they have a tendency to do so on other surfaces). Guys, come on, don’t let those bugs and rot ruin your summer!

Artificial grass in summer with deckchairs placed on it.

Is a fake lawn sustainable?

It should be. Obviously, if you are proud of your garden and want to show it off, you need to ensure that there’s not too much footfall on your artificial grass. This won’t be a problem at the start, but you will have to accept that constant traffic will eventually cause the grass to fade. The same would happen with natural grass, so it is not too much to be worried about.

Essentially, the main bonus of artificial grass is the lack of maintenance it requires. Now that it’s natural-looking, you don’t have to maintain it as much. It’s better than potentially having a swamp of long grass being ruined by your hot tub. So artificial turf is sustainable, just make sure you manage the traffic over time.

Enquire about Flooring Direct’s delivery of artificial grass

A BETTER bonus if you order from Flooring Direct – you get your lawn delivered straight to your door. Just go through the variety of options available here. You can choose from grass which is pet-friendly and safe for children to play, as well as coloured lawns.

There are so many options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll get the right one. If in doubt, just pop us a question and we will help you choose.

So, here’s the plan, if you have a hot tub, great; choose artificial grass as your new surface! If you don’t have a hot tub, what are you waiting for!? You know where we are when your need your perfect hot tub surface. Get cracking on sculpting the summer of your dreams!

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